☝️ Stocks with Dividends Attract Attention During Bearish Pullback ☝️

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Marco Doni

Marco Doni


Dear traders,

In today’s article we are going to review some interesting stocks that are worth your consideration when building a medium-term portfolio. 

This article will focus on earning a decent return via dividends. But we will also dive into the newest developments and charts… 

SPX Retracement Becoming Serious

The SPX reached a new high. But price action quickly made retracement below the important level of 3300. 

US Central Bank President (FED) Powell said in front of the congress that the banks will do whatever is needed to sustain the economy, but the concerns about a possible second wave of Covid and consequently a new lockdown increase the uncertainty of the market in general.

Volatility is also increasing due the US Presidential elections in November. Statistically the months before the elections are very volatile.

The Vix is around 30 which indicates that high volatility is on its way.

In the previous article, we show how to protect a stock portfolio or speculate on bear markets with the use of PUT options. The concepts illustrated are still in play with this market.

Stocks with High Dividends

Let’s see an example for the educational purpose of a medium term stocks portfolio based on dividend returns. In the process of selection for a stock, a good evaluation has to be made on dividend returns. 

There are some very interesting stocks that have very good dividends over the year. The selection of course takes into play several considerations and numbers, but a good dividend can boost the return of the stock.

Here is an example of a medium term portfolio:

PFE – PFIZER 36.25 Pharma 4.19%
CSCO-CISCO 39.32 Technology 3.66%
BAC-BANK of AMERICA 23.94 Finance 3.01%
T- AT&T 28.51 Communications 7.30%
KO- COCA COLA 49.66 Consumer 3.30
KHC-KRAFT HEINTZ 29.23 Consumer 5.47%
XOM – EXXON 35.53 Energy 9.79%
INTC- INTEL 49.95 Electronic Tech 2.64%
TLT- 20 yr Treasury 164.27 Bond 1.62%

As you can see most of the stocks have a good dividend like AT&T with 7.30% and XOM with 9.79%. Also, they range in different sectors which is important for diversification purposes. And a hedge like TLT 20yr Treasury bond is a good instrument to balance the portfolio.

Become an US Options Trader

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If you are ready to move forward, then you can choose from:

Good trading,
Marco Doni – ecs.OPTIONS expert and CNBC contributor

The articles are not intended to give any advice on how to invest money, they are just for educational purposes.

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