Update on August Trading with Institutions

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Despite being a relatively quite month, August has seen some stellar performance for most of our institutional trading, with Grid trading delivering on the promises, as well as discretionary trading on Commodities, USD-related pair and some equities switching in to higher gears.

We are therefore happy to announce that even more funds have been earned and relocated, which means retail efforts should soon follow, as we will be reinvesting the capital into a more development to cater the retail segment. Let’s now dissect the results below:

Performance with YaMarkets

System Performance Total running performance 
Athena EA  +5.67% +12.86%
Chris Mix -0.8% -5.36%
Zeus EA EUR/USD +5.21% +24.43%
Zeus EA Gold  +5.38% +9.90%

You can join the account with YaMarkets from India and the South Asian Region under reduced profit share discounts as well through copy trading. Register a broker account and reach out to us for further details.

Athena EA

Performance Total running performance 
+5.6% +12.79%

Another Strong month, no surprises, steady growth and no surprises. The approach hasn’t seen a negative month since its start in 2021 and YaMarkets is currently on the receiving end of the positive results in our trading.

Chris Mix

Performance Total running performance 
-0.8% -5.36%

Climbed out of negative territory, good month, still a mounting to climb, but with the latest tweaks and changes to the composition of the EAs we are happy to see the approach finally yielding decent performance.


Performance Total running performance 
+5.21% +24.43%

After a large DD and subsequent tweaks the approach is currently sitting at the top of YaMarkets performers. We are happy to see the changes to the Grid setting and new risk management paying off. Also, at the moment, YaMarkets server setup and trading conditions help us squeeze maximum from this approach.

Performance with Rannforex

System Performance Total running performance 
Athena EA  +36.50% +46.66%
Chris Mix -0.99% -3.33%
Zeus EA Gold  +7.78% +12.19%

You will soon be able to join our account at RannForex as we are finalising the test for retail clients at this A-Book only brokerage with stellar execution and pricing by the team behind a big name in Forex Technology world.

Athena EA (Experimental)

Performance Total running performance 
+36.43% +46.59%

That’s where the things get interesting, thanks to the institutional nature of this account, we are ingesting manual trades that are soon to become a part of our publicly available stand-alone (discretionary approach). If things turn out as they are currently, the solution will be available global at the end of the next month via both PAMM and Signal service. Stay tuned.

Chris Mix

Performance Total running performance 
-0.99% -3.33%

Climbing out of the DD with Rannforex as well, the approach revolves around of a set of dynamic EAs and is fully automated, which might make it look like dragging behind in comparison to other Rannforex accounts, but when the perfect balance is reached, should be a forefront of automated non-grid trading at ECS. Stay tuned.


Performance Total running performance 
+7.78% +12.19%

Same as with YaMarkets, the approach is yielding expected performance in somewhat stale month of August, we are tweaking the trading here to improve the average profitability, but as it is, also happy with the results.

Other Noteworthy Institutional Updates

We are finalising setups with Exness and VT Markets to open it up for both retail traders, as well starting managing the brokerage capital at a pace the market will allow us. At the moment you can safely install rental versions of our solutions at up to 35% discount with these brokers. To start, make sure to open an account via our link, and reach out for a purchase link your strategy, EA of choice.

We are also attending the IFX Expo in Bangkok (September 12-15), should you be around, please reach out to say “Hi” during the Expo.

Safe Trading,
Team of Elite CurrenSea ♥️🇺🇦

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