Ultima EA: Fully Automated Trading System for the Forex Market

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Dear traders,

Are you looking to trade the financial markets or the Forex market in specific but lack experience or results? Or are you excited by earning income from trading but low on time?

It all started when we were looking for a way to earn passive income and eventually retire… This is how Ultima EA was born – a fully automated trading system.

This article shows the unbelievable back testing results and real live trading performance (with Myfxbook links). It also explains how you can trade the Ultima EA trading system too – at no cost (only a share of the profit).

The Ultima Live Trading Results

The back test and live results with the Ultima system are certainly worth your attention… And I would know a thing or two about trading after a humble 10+ years in the Forex market.

The system was created by Mislav Nikolic and me, Chris Svorcik. Mislav has been my trading strategy partner since 2017 and a successful ecs.LIVE trader for 1.5 years whereas I (Chris) am the founder of the ecs.SWAT.

Above all, we’ve already been trading it with our own real money and the results speak for themselves. This is called skin in the game and we will show our live trading performance first of all.

You can follow my live results via MyFXbook:

The best LIVE performance has been on the EUR/USD 15min chart. We started trading a $10,000 account at the start of June 2019.

Now it’s more than $23,000 (!)… This means that the account more than doubled in half a year.

A cool $13,000+ or 130+% profit… in just 6 months.

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The Back Test Results from A to Z

First of all, let me remove some doubts that might linger in your mind… There are many bad EAs out there so we need to differentiate ourselves from that:

  1. This is NOT a martingale system.
  2. This is NOT a hedging system.
  3. This IS a system that always uses stop loss and take profit.
  4. This IS system is based on sound and sturdy indicators and principles (from SWAT with great tools and ideas from Mislav).

Here is an overview of the back testing results. We are going to show you 3 different sets of testing that were completed on the EUR/USD 15 minute chart going back 2 years and 4 months (from June 2017 to October 2019):

  1. $1,000 account with 5% risk per setup and max limited number of trades
    Result: almost $1 million
  2. $10,000 account with 5% risk per setup and max limited number of trades
    Result: more than $3 million
  3. $1,000 account with 5% risk per setup and unlimited number of trades
    Result: more than $2.6 million

Let’s review the statistics and graphs one by one.

  • From $1,000 account to more almost $1 MLN in 2 years.

EUR/USD (max limited number of trades) graph:

EUR/USD rise from 1000 usd to almost 1 mln usd in 2 years


  • From $10,000 account to more than $3 MLN in 2 years.

EUR/USD (max limited number of trades) graph:

EUR/USD rise from 10,000 usd to more than 3 mln usd in 2 years


  • From $1,000 account to more more than $2.6 MLN in 2 years.

EUR/USD (max limited number of trades) graph:


What is the draw-down?

The draw-down is around 50%, which is low when considering the fact that the above back tests were done with a risk of 5% per trade. This 5% risk per setup is also the maximum risk that is advised for trading because anything more is considered reckless and the chance of losing the entire trading capital becomes too high.

Despite using max risk, the draw-down remained around 50%. The low draw-down allows us to trade the strategy while applying the max risk.This is small draw-down for such a large gain.

Another key factor is that the profit is not removed so this is a cumulative approach. If profits are removed during the process, then the end result will of course be less profits.

Once you reach higher levels of profit, you might want to consider splitting the trading capital over multiple accounts. Not all brokers are happy with large sums of trading capital. Choosing a good broker (we help you with that), eventually having multiple accounts, or taking profit sooner are solutions.

The Methodology Behind the Back Testing

Very important: the back testing was done with 99.9% modelling accuracy. What does this mean?

  • At its best by default, MT4 can only achieve 90% modelling quality and no real variable spread
  • BUT our testing was done with 99.9% modelling quality and real variable spread
  • 3 reasons to use 99% modelling tests:
    •  more accurate back test shows what to expect from EA, because it’s simulates real trading environment.
    •  99% testing and real historical spread is the most accurate test available in MT4.
    •  99% testing with high-quality tick data reveals the truth behind the system performance.

What is historical variable spread? Basically the testing is completed with the spread that was actually seen in the past and a spread that changes per tick. This is more accurate than simply using a fixed spread for the entire history.

Mislav and I used Dukascopy for 1h testing and Alpari for 15min testing. Dukascopy usually had a maximum spread on the EUR/USD of 1 pip in normal conditions and Alpari had a slightly higher max of 2 pips. The range of the spread was often around 0.5-1 pip on Dukascopy and 0.5-2 pips on Alpari.

Did you do more testing?

Yes! We also tested the 1 hour charts.

The results from the 1 hour chart are long-term very stable and have been performing well for a full 5 years from 2014 to 2019. The performance was also positive before 2014, dating back to at least 2011 and even before. That length of a track record is very substantial and sturdy.

The 15 minute chart results are strong too but their performance data is shorter: 2 years and 4 months rather than 5 years. The 15 min world had less stable performance prior to 2017, although the worst year was a break even year in 2016 which was most likely caused by the Brexit process.

Ultima: No Costs and How to Join

Ultima EA does not require any upfront fees or costs at the moment until you make profit (profit sharing module). Profit sharing means that you only pay if profit is made with the Ultima EA. It is calculated and potentially shared on a monthly basis.

When is the account considered to be earning profits? When an account has made a new equity high (compared to the previous peak), which means that traders have no costs until their account is in positive territory. See the image for the profit sharing structure.

Joining is as simple as ABC:

  1. Open an account with FXDD Trading via our link
  2. Fill in LPOA (limited power of attorney) form with FXDD Trading
  3. Fund your account with risk capital and start trading the Ultima EA

What are the advantages:

  • Proven strategy with live trading and high quality back testing
  • Automated: no manual errors and non-stop 24-5 Forex trading
  • No costs, only pay when in profit and easy to setup
  • Uses tested SWAT tools and concepts

Key tools:

  • SWAT method like Fibonacci moving averages
  • The ecs.WIZZ indicator
  • New Fibonacci target tool from Mislav
  • Solid trading rules

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FAQ about Ultima

Do you only trade the EUR/USD?

Yes for now because the results are the best on this currency pair and time frame. We are trading other time frames and currencies too. The results are also positive on GBP/USD 15 min, GBP/UD 60 min, EUR/JPY 60 min and EUR/USD 60 min charts for instance. But the results are by far the best on the EUR/USD 15min… and the low draw-down allows us to trade the EUR/USD 15min with the maximum risk per setup of 5%. The cumulative profits with the 5% per setup allow us to grow account quickly. We prefer this approach the most but we are actively monitoring other currency pair and time frame combinations and we might change our approach in the future if needed.

Let’s take a look at the overview now:

With the GBP/USD 60 minute trading:
From $1000 account to more than $822,000 in 5 years.

GBP/USD rise from 1000 usd to almost 1 mln usd in 5.5 years

Can I trade with less risk?

Not at the moment. As you can see in the table with the overview above, the accounts are also positive when using less risk like 1% or 2.5% risk per setup. But for the moment, we are only offering the Ultima EA with 5% risk per setup because we are trading it with 5% risk per setup. Only risk capital must be used for trading Ultima EA. The historical draw-down with 5% risk per setup is about 50%. If you feel uncomfortable with the higher risk, consider trading with a lower capital amount. Or feel free to write to us via [email protected].

Is there a minimum starting capital?

Not for Ultima. Each broker requires a minimum trading capital but this will vary from broker to broker. Traders can start with any amount of capital as long as the broker allows it. Do keep in mind that the risk % could be higher than 5% per trade setup if the account is small and mini or even micro lots are the smallest units of lot size.

Can I stop trading at any moment?

Yes, there is 100% liquidity. If there are trades open, we think that it is better to wait for those trades to close but you can always write an email and indicate that you want an immediate exit. We will usually complete it within 24 hours or after the weekend.

Should I trade with limited or unlimited number of trade setups?

Having limited trade setups will keep the draw-down lower but also reduce the expected gain. Having unlimited trade setups will increase the draw-down but also increase the expected gain. In both cases only risk capital must be used but the unlimited version has a higher chance of losing the capital (but traders could grow the account quicker and more). For beginners, we recommend the less risky variant of using limited number of trade setups.

How does the strategy work?

It’s based on simple rules and excellent tools like Moving Averages, ecs.WIZZ, and a special Fibonacci target indicator. This is NOT a martingale or hedging system but genuine trading method based on SWAT.

How long has the system been tested?

The 1 hour charts have been tested for more than 10 years whereas the 15 min world for almost 2.5 years. At the moment we are only offering 15 min trading but we will think about adding.

Advantages of Ultima EA

Here are the main advantages:

  1. Fully automated trading with entries and exits
  2. Low draw-down levels when compared to profits, even when trading with 5% risk per setup
  3. Historical testing shows account growth 2 years and 4 months from:
    • $1,000 to almost $1 mln (limited number of setups)
    • $10,000 to more than $3 mln (limited number of setups)
    • $1,000 to more than $2.6 mln (unlimited number of setups)
  4. 5+ years of back testing on 1 hour charts
  5. 2+ years of back testing on 15 min charts
  6. Besides EUR/USD, other currency pairs show good results too
  7. Back testing modeling accuracy is 99.9% (!)
  8. No costs, only pay when in profit

Once again, profit sharing means that no payment is made upfront and that the profit is shared on a monthly basis, if the account is earning profits and has made a new equity high. We think it’s only fair that we earn a little bit BUT ONLY when you earn.

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Many green pips,
Mislav Nikolic and Chris Svorcik
Elite CurrenSea

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