Nenad Kerkez & Chris Svorcik Speak at Large European Seminar (online version)

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Dear Trader,

do you miss offline seminars and trading conferences? I guess that we all do a little bit. 

The second wave of the Coronavirus Covid-19 is blocking us for the foreseeable future.. But luckily not for long… 

The solution? The MoneyExpo Online 2020 offers an online conference with the feel of a real offline event. 

This article reviews the event. Both Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svorcik are speaking a full hour at the Expo – in English.

MoneyExpo Online 2020 Gives Feel of Offline Event

For almost a decade, the MoneyExpo has been a yearly offline event in Prague, Czechia. It offered attendees a wide range of speakers on trading, charting, investing, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. 

Due to the Coronavirus, the organizers decided to turn the event into a full online experience. But they aimed on keeping the flavour of an offline event by allowing visitors to directly speak with speakers in the member’s area.

Organizer Michal Stibor explained the concept as follows: “in offline events an attendee can walk up to a booth, ask questions and get more information. We wanted to make sure that our online event offers the same – or even better – opportunities for our attendees to get trading and investing knowledge, experience, and advice.”

MoneyExpo Online 2020 Offers Investing & Trading

The expo is focused on both trading and investing. The event will take place from Monday 2 November up to and including Saturday 6 November 2020.

It offers three days on trading and three days on investing. Each day has 3 separate events of at least one hour.

The website is in the Czech language but there will be international speakers that host their webinar in English (with Czech subtitles). At a minimum, we expect these English speaking presenters:

  • Elite CurrenSea’s Nenad Kerkez on Monday 2 November at 6pm GMT
  • Elite CurrenSea’s Chris Svorcik on Friday 6 November at 12pm GMT
  • Fibonacci webinar on Friday 6 November at 3pm GMT

Of course, Czech speakers will get the most out of all 18 events… but for an admission fee of just 690 Kc or about 25 euro, traders can easily afford the entry price just to see at least three English events.

Seminar Topics from Nenad Kerkez & Chris Svorcik 

Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svorcik from Elite CurrenSea have been invited to numerous seminars in recent years. Both spoke at a Forex conference at London, UK in February 2016, Slovenia in September 2018, and the Netherlands in February 2019. Other seminar events include Lithuania, Serbia, Croatia, and Czechia.

For this year’s event at the MoneyExpo Online 2020, Nenad and Chris are diving into their most treasured approaches for tackling, analysing and trading charts.

  • Chris speaks about his passion for moving averages. 
    • In-depth review of how to understand charts.
    • Use MAs for trend, momentum, support & resistance, and price patterns.
    • Discover how to analyse the price path.
    • Learn to trade with moving averages.
  • Nenad Kerkez speaks about his favourite trading tools:
    • ATR – why it’s the must have tool for trading Forex markets.
    • Camarilla Pivot Points – precise intraday levels
    • How to combine indicators in all-round trading system
    • Intraday Forex trading tips with Nenad’s favourite strategy

Click on one of the links below to know more about the event:

Good trading,
Nenad Kerkez
Chris Svorcik

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