Donate To Ukraine To Stop Russian Aggression 🇺🇦♥️

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Update 2.3.2022

  • We have launched to raise awareness and facilitate donations across the financial sector.
  • Both Traders and Companies are welcome to send the information about their donation to [email protected]

Original 27.2.2022

You may have your own take on the situation, and we respect that, but unprovoked aggression is a few steps too far in our book.

Therefore, we decided to contribute 10% of our monthly profit to the Ukrainian National Army and urge you to help with the resolution of this crisis by donating too.

Although I don’t identify myself by ethnicity or geopolitics (a Russian Jew born in Ukraine, living in EU), I stand with the citizens of my home, as well as the Russian population that feels trapped in between a crossfire of love for their country and the atrocities its regime has produced.

It may seem tough at first, possibly even counter-intuitive, but donating to the “enemy’s” army is the first step every Russian citizen should take to contribute to the protest. While unseen before economic sanctions are making life hard for the general population, it is the Russian top that we are after and hence, need to keep pressing or should we say, defending…

So, while there are many ways to help, the time of half-measures is past! Donate to the army and find yourself useful in fighting the war on other fronts by helping with cyberattacks, humanitarian aid, other forms of donations.

So far we’ve donated to:

  • UA National Army (via national bank)
  • UA Civilian help

We are not doing it because we like to feel useful or we have nothing better to do, it’s just something that ought to be done before the world reverts back to madness.

All donation links are verified by an international community and producthunt (the biggest global tech community).

Safe Trading
Team of Elite CurrenSea

P.s. sorry for being off-topic, we are not a political organization, but at this point, this is our duty to also speak up!

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