?️New CAMMACD Type 3 Indicator has been Released?

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tarantula fx

tarantula fx

Head of Trading

Dear traders,

We are proud to announce new Type 3 entry indicator. This new CAMMACD indicator will solve problems with trading in the trend and counter-trend direction.

Previous Type 3 indicator, showed some problems related to PC memory leak and CPU usage. The problem was evident with the application of the dashboard, and it was exaggerated on older PCs. With the new Type 3 indicator, these problems are gone. Trading Type 3 entries are easier than ever. The indicator uses the ATR code and plots the green dot that is used for confirmation of breakout trades. Of course, traders need to align the breakout with SPECIFIC camarilla levels, which are explained in the video. Breakouts are confirmed with standard MACD rules + camarilla levels. With new breakout trading rules, it should be easier to exploit breakouts in the trend direction just by looking at the chart. Alternatively, traders can scale-in – add to a trade if they think the breakout is successful (and it usually is if it is taken close to specific camarilla levels).

Type 3 indicator trading is price action based (based on the ATR) and it consists of:

  1. Camarilla level confirmation
  2. Green dot placement
  3. CAMMACD standard trading rules
  4. Execution

With this said, have in mind that momentum is always needed and that traders need to be well aware of the ATR range (shown by the ecs.atr-pro indicator) and next camarilla level. Needless to say we will use (and we already are) Type 3 trading signal in our ecs.LIVE Telegram channel.

Cheers and safe trading,



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