CAMMACD Rolls Another Important Software Update: Type 3 Breakout Entries

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tarantula fx

tarantula fx

Head of Trading

Dear traders,

Due to the increased number of CAMMACD webinars and happy traders who have been making more than 3000 pips since joining the ecs.LIVE service I am proud to announce a special Type 3 indicator and the dashboard for CAMMACD.

Type 3 entries are breakout entries that are especially suited for CAMMACD system. As of now, CAMMACD trades are divided as Type 1 entries ( Trend retracement) and Type 2 entries ( Reversal arrow entries). Type 3 entries will add a special dashboard that will alert traders of double top/fake tops and bottoms so traders can trade it in trend direction. New Type 3 indicators will be free for all traders who have purchased the system until this day.  Rules for trading will also be explained in a special video that will be made specifically for Type 3 entries.

ecs.Type 3 Alerter dashboard

Have in mind that all setups, signals and analyses that we send through the Telegram service have been made by SWAT and CAMMACD combined (NB: there is NO conflict between the two systems). You can check it here.  We are always keeping our ecs.LIVE Telegram trades up-to-date honestly posting both winners and losers. I feel very inspired by all the positive comments so I also decided to offer 1 more webinar per week on Fridays in addition to my Tuesday webinars and even more trades via Telegram service (usually 2-3 per day).

Type 3 entries on CAMMACD system

I hope that you will enjoy CAMMACD trading as much as I do. See you soon on CAMMACD webinars, ecs.LIVE webinars and Telegram 🙂




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