Black Widow: New Generation of Semi-Manual Intraday Forex Trading

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tarantula fx

Head of Trading

Dear traders,

are you curious about the updates and upgrades of the newest ecs.CAMMACD trading system? Today and during the rest of September 2020, the newest and last module called Black Widow (BW) will be available with a lucrative discount.

If you are ready to tackle Forex & CFD trading with simple yet highly effective tools and indicators for trading intraday, then cammmacd.BW will be perfect for you.

This article explains everything that you need to know about Black Widow trading system and Nenad Kerkez’s most inspiring trading method ever. 

P.S. if you prefer to listen to Nenad himself, then join the live webinar on Friday 18 Sep 2020 at 3 pm GMT!

What is the Black Widow Method

The Black Widow is the pinnacle of semi-automated trading. 

It is the intraday trading strategy based on our own custom made and algo based indicators. 

The calculations which are derived from the three most important things in intraday trading are hardcoded into the system and indicators themselves. We use momentum and the zone to pinpoint the trading direction and entries. 

The Black Widow is not based on the risk to reward ratio but rather a high accuracy which is in my opinion much more important for intraday trading. 

In the past, we struggled with risk to reward due to big fluctuations in the market and it was a bit hard to make consistent profits. 

Nowadays, however, things have changed and with the Black Widow, you should take exactly what the market is willing to give you, without thinking twice. 

The approach in the Black Widow has been derived from the best proprietary tools and market structures which have also been described in the Mark Douglas book “Trading in the Zone”.

The Black Widow Structure

The Black Widow is structured within the 3 main concepts:

  1. Trading Zone determined by our own ecs.ATR indicator named ATR Levels 2
  2. Reverse momentum which is determined by the “Reverse” indicator
  3. MTF (Multiple Time Frame Trading) determined by 3 separate ecs.TREND indicators

Lets review them all one by one.

ATR Levels Indicator

The ATR is the best indicator for measuring momentum and range in the markets. It accurately predicts the price movement and the range where we will see the entry in the market. I have modified the indicator with my coder Carlos Cordero so it has perfect synergy with the Reverse indicator and pinpoint entries very often above 90 % (!) accuracy. 

All the different economic and fundamental variables that are constantly being fed into the markets are being reflected in the raw price action on the charts. Additionally, the ATR range is frequently fueled by a high-impact news event that has taken place, which causes a surge of orders in a specific direction. Our ATR ™ indicator is extremely accurate and precise.  The ATR Levels indicator is unique, algo-based and hard coded so you need to provide us with the account number in order to unlock it.

Reverse Indicator

The reverse ™ indicator is an algo based indicator which uses camarilla hourly pivot points to determine when the price is going to reverse. In order for the price to reverse, we need to have the correct signal at a specific level. The camarilla hourly pivot points have been hardcoded into the indicator itself so you will see the square indicating that the time is for a reversal. 

When the reversal indicators appear in the chart it needs to be in the ATR trading zone, for a signal to be valid. If it is too far away from the trading zone, we discard the trade unless the ATR is overshot which I explain in the system video. The reverse indicator is unique, algo-based and hard coded so you need to provide us with the account number in order to unlock it.

Trend Indicators

In my trading career, the biggest success I have made was by trading the MTF approach ( multiple time frame). Momentum usually piggybacks from higher to lower time frames. We are looking at the main trend on the highest timeframe followed by the aggressive momentum that caused the price in the first place to continue to our trading zone. We want to basically piggyback the trend and momentum from the higher time frames to the entry time frame (15m)  and we are using it to catch the overflow and reversal of the move into the main trend direction. We have 3 trend indicators: ecs. Trend 1,2 and 3. Those indicators represent the Trend on Daily, H4 and H1 time frame whereas we take entries on 15m. Everything is clearly explained in the videos.

We always say: “the trend is your friend”. While the intent is to emphasise trading with the trend,  the ultimate goal is to be profitable. If you want to achieve it, one of the essential things to do is to time entries in the market, mainly because it is needed for the time frame you wish to trade on. For the MTF approach to be successful, we need to align:

  1. The trend on the higher time frame
  2. Retracement/loss of momentum
  3. The entry itself

Examples of Black Widow Trades

Here are a couple of examples of the Black Widow system in action.

Great thing with the Black Widow is that it will teach you patience. You will be patiently waiting for the price to approach the zone before you open the trade. Once the signal is there you take it. You won’t be guessing where the price is going to give you the signal. It’s clear in the chart itself. I always say: “Market is like a shadow. If you chase it, you will not catch it, but if you stand still, it will come to you.”

Money and Trade management

Within the course you will be able to find the separate video for money management where it is clearly explained how I trade the Black Widow and the risk I usually take. Have in mind that the accuracy of the system is also connected to trade management because the Black Widow is the intraday trading method. With intraday trading, you always need to be there on time and check your trades because you never know which out of the blue announcements might happen and turn your winner into a loss. 

Who is the Creator of the BW System?

My name is Nenad Kerkez, also known in Forex community as Tarantula or NKT. I am very proud to announce my newest and the best trading method I have created so far. The pinnacle of semi-automated trading – the Black Widow. Before I delve deeper into the Black Widow itself, let me introduce myself.

In the past, I worked as a Head trader for Platinum Investments and as a Senior Analyst/ Educator for Admiral Markets. I co-founded my own company EliteCurrenSea in 2014 together with Chris Svorcik and later Nikita Barabanov. With EliteCurrenSea I am extensively working on new trading methods and EAs, incorporating Algo based trading strategies, I have also collaborated with several Forex market sites such as FXStreet and FXEmpire.

You can also track my accounts viaMyFXBook. I have also appeared in a lot of videos on YouTube with more than 200k + views combined. My seminars have been presented in many different countries such as Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Netherlands, UK, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Germany.

MyFxBook and ecs.LIVE Spreadsheet

When you purchase the Black Widow system you will be instantly given the access to our trading room ecs.LIVE where I post live trading signals. All setups that I have been taking with the Black Widow via ecs.LIVE room have been written here where all ecs.LIVE members can see it. You can also check MyFXbook of the Black Widow trades I trade too with the really small and controlled risk approach. 

Live Webinar Explains All Details

Curious to get a live and detailed overview from the master trader Nenad Kerkez himself? Then join the live webinar scheduled on Friday 18 September at 3 pm GMT!

Nenad will explain all the strategy ins and outs so you can determine if this semi-manual intraday trading method is the perfect match for you.

If you cannot join live or if you miss the live event for any reason, do not worry because the webinar will be uploaded the the Elite CurrenSea YouTube channel later that day on 18 Sep.

Join the live webinar here!

Special Promotion

During the campaign, we have decided to lower the price of the Black Widow to 899 EUR which is a whopping 35 % discount. 

The regular price of the Black Widow is 1393 EUR. But during the entire month of September 2020, you can become a BW member for just 899 EUR.

With the purchase of the Black Widow, you will also get 1 month of ecs.LIVE signals and webinars which I announce via ecs.LIVE telegram room.

Use this promo discount as the price will go up soon after the campaign ends. You can purchase the system via this link.

I hope to see you soon at the ecs.LIVE room. Let’s make pips together. 

Cheers and safe trading,
Nenad Kerkez aka Tarantula FX

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