Athena EA Soft Restart (with KTM)

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Hello traders,

Elite CurrenSea is back with some exciting news. After careful evaluation and in-depth market research, we have decided to activate a reduced risk public Athena EA PAMM with KTM. This decision was made after analyzing how the EA would have behaved under different scenarios during the time the war broke dawn. 

For the past two weeks, we could see that the 1h trading approach might have yielded positive results but with higher risks. On the other hand, 15 min had a harder time and the results would deviate depending on margin level requirements and execution by brokers. 

As of now, we are experiencing near benchmark performance with KTM and for now, launching a smaller account with mostly our own funds live Launch with Milton Prime will be decided later during the week.

Athena EA lifetime and rentals are suggested to enter only with an understanding of extra risk, rentals on our VPS can enter the market with either type of the risk by your request sent to [email protected]. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to send us your questions.

Safe Trading
Team of Elite CurrenSea ♥️🇺🇦

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