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Hello dear traders,

Elite CurrenSea is back to share exciting news regarding Zeus EA. This Expert Advisor has been operating since 2020 and has shown nothing but positive results all throughout the trading history, having generated up to 120% in returns. Growing demand for Zeus EA, as well as what the two years of day to day customer experience have taught us a lot about the more intricate details of scaling a business while remaining a customer-first outlet. Thus the ECS team has decided we wanted to make Zeus EA more affordable! 

As all of you know, Forex trading comes with its pros and cons and while dealing with Grid-Trading the higher drawdowns are unavoidable, but due to the persistent work and research that we have put into our algorithm, Zeus EA has managed to turn all of the highest drawdown months profitable.

As the data shows, even in the months of highest drawdowns, Zeus EA pulled the most profitable results making sure all of the traders were content with the performance. 

After these staggering results, we are more than happy to introduce to you simplified pricing for Zeus EA with improvements in usability such as making the onboarding process easier, more secure brokerage partnerships, free VPS with enhanced reporting and due to the new and improved safety and risk management protocols we are able to achieve even better security for you.

  • The Rental version grants you access to the trading robot for one year at the cost of €699 with a special onboarding program and support so that even novice traders can start with ease. 
  • The Rental Sponsored version costs €399 (billed annually) and offers quick onboarding with no capital limits
  • The Lifetime version only requires a one-time payment of €999 and you can use the Zeus EA for the rest of your life.
  • But if you are not sure and want to test out the robot and see how it operates, Managed Account requires €o upfront fees with a profit share of 25 to 30% depending on the net deposits.
Rental Lifetime Managed Account
€699 (billed annually) €999 (one-time payment) €0
0% Profit Share 0% Profit Share 25 to 30% Profit Share


We wanted to also acknowledge the faith that our loyal clients have put in Zeus EA and decided to introduce an offer that allows you to drop 25% of lifetime profit if you are willing to invest extra €2,500 of new capital in Zeus EA PAMM with KTM.


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