Zeus EA Has Just Recovered After a Minor Drawdown – Here’s How it Happened!

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Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in!

As some of you may have noticed EUR/USD has been in a downtrend over the past couple of days/week. Being in a Grid Trading EA business, we are well aware of this when we see the market acting this way, we are excited, as it allows us to yield a bit more profits than usual. At the same time, it requires more attention to risk management (that we totally love to do by the way.

Basically, when the market is trending more than usual, we increase the number of actual Zeus EAs buying & selling, and this allows to mitigate some risk that would occur if only had a standard number of Zeus EAs trading.

A possible slowdown in US Equities (based on increasing inflation) and more uncertainty in Crypto markets (recent moves), we expect the volatility to pick up (that where we shine) and provide even better environment for higher returns with Zeus EA & Portfolio ECS. You can get both with Black November discounts over here.

Safe Trading,
Team of Elite CurrenSea

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