☝️ Gold Bearish Wave-3 Accelerates after Triangle Break ☝

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Hi traders,

Gold (XAU/USD) showed a strong bearish breakout below the contracting triangle chart pattern. The price action is showing bearish impulsive price action which seems to be extending the bearish wave 3 (blue).


4 hour

Gold is now falling towards the Fibonacci targets of wave 5. Price can extend the bearish impulse towards deeper Fib targets but eventually price is expected to build a wave 4 correction pattern.


XAU/USD is showing strong bearish momentum which seems to be part of a wave 3 (blue). A bullish pullback could be limited as price could respect and bounce at the Fibonacci retracement and resistance levels of wave 4 vs 3. A new low could finally complete wave 5 (blue) of wave C (purple).


Despite the bearishness on the lower time frames, XAU/USD could soon be reaching a key support zone. If the wave pattern is correct, price is expected to show a bullish bounce at the support zone (green lines) because price could be completing a larger wave 1-2 (light purple) pattern.

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Chris Svorcik
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Looks good. Just cant make out the numbers. Would be grt to see confirmation with Indi’s! Tnx

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