When (Not) to Be Confident While Analysing & Trading Charts

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Dear Traders,

this webinar explains that being confident about trading could back-fire if you are trying to show others how well you can analyse and trade. 

Chris Svorcik explains why at times he is very confident but in other moments, he is not afraid to be unsure about the charts. 

Recording of the Webinar

Finding a balanced approach to your confidence can help you estimate which trades have better odds of success. Once you do that, it is best to focus on trade setups that offer a good probability. 

Having a bias about a trade is important to be able to trade setups and not abandon them… But it is also important to use the new information that is available for updating your analysis and bias. 

Last but not least, Chris explains what tools and methods help boost your ability to analyse the charts correctly.

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Chris Svorcik

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