Ultima EA Webinar Explains Newest Automated Trading System (SWAT based)

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Dear traders,

Yesterday we made an announcement to our audience and followers that we are now offering Ultima EA, which is a 100% fully automated trading system in the Forex market.

The trading strategy comes at no upfront costs and fees and we only use a profit sharing module, which means that the Elite CurrenSea team only earns when you earn… Win-win for all.

Despite that, we understand that traders have plenty of questions which they would like to ask. We have received a ton of emails, so we decided to host a webinar where all of the ins and outs will be addressed.

Webinar Explains Ultima EA

The live webinar will take place on Thursday the 9th of January 2020 at 6:30pm CET.

This is 5:30pm GMT or 12:30pm EST.

You can register for the webinar via this link.

Make sure to sign-up soon because there is a maximum capacity of 100 attendees.

In the webinar we will discuss many topics such as:

  • What the Ultima EA does
  • What the Ultima EA is not
  • Our 4 live results
  • Our track record since June 2019
  • Our decades of back testing
  • Back testing process
  • How to sign up and start
  • The lack of upfront and hidden fees and costs
  • The profit division module
  • The Ultima EA strategy explained
  • The advantages of Ultima
  • FAQ
  • And your own questions

The webinar is going to be action packed as you can see.

Please keep in mind that the Ultima EA will not be offered forever. We are opening the doors for a while but only until we reach the investment target.

You can secure your life long spot with the Ultima EA (as long as you trade at least 10 months a year) by signing up via the Ultima page.

If you are still hesitating, then we recommend to sign-up for the webinar where you will receive answers to all of your questions.

What is the Ultima EA?

The webinar will explain all of the details… and we encourage everyone to join live or watch the recording.

But here is a quick insight into the EA:

  • Ultima is an Expert Advisor for the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) platform
  • It acts as a trading system
  • It is fully automated
  • EA takes care of entries and exits
  • It also manages the trades
  • EA trades the Forex market, primarily the EUR/USD
  • Back testing has been completed with decades of data
  • The testing was completed with 99.9% modeling accuracy
  • Also variable historical spreads were used (most accurate)
  • Live trading is ongoing since June 2019
  • We are trading 4 live accounts with a total own equity of about eur 32,000
  • The EA has no costs or fees
  • The EA works on a profit share basis only

Or join the Ultima EA now and become a member.

Good trading,
Elite CurrenSea team

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