Ultima EA Available as Profit Share Module Mid June

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Dear traders,

good news for traders looking for a low cost option to trade the Ultima EA. The automated trading system will be again available via the profit share module from Friday 12 June 2020.

This means traders are not required to pay any fees or costs upfront. You only share part of the profit when there is profit. 

This article explains the details on how to join the Ultima EA!

Profit Sharing: The Fairest Cooperation

The Ultima EA is showing resounding success after 1 year of live trading on multiple accounts. The automated trading system has been available since January 2020 to the ECS audience. First via the profit share module in January and February. Then traders were able to rent it from March till June. 

Now the EA is again available via the profit share option. Many traders were asking us for a lower cost method to trade Ultima. So we decided to re-open our doors! The profit share option starts on Friday 12 June 2020.

Traders will only pay a part of their profits on a monthly basis when your account has made new equity high. This is called the high-water mark method. It’s the fairest method for the investor.

When a trader’s account has made a profit and a new equity high, then you will pay a small percentage as a fee at the start of the next month. The fee depends on your net deposits (deposits minus withdrawals):

  • 0-10,000 → 35% of the profit share is removed
  • 10,000-25,000 → 30% of the profit share is removed
  • 25,000-100,000 → 25% of the profit share is removed
  • 100,000? → custom proposal

There are no upfront costs or fees. This is an excellent way for traders to trade the EA without any heavy costs at the start.

Via this method, traders get to experience this wonderful automated trading system, which is developed by EA creator Mislav Nikolic and co-creator Chris Svorcik.

Trading the EUR/USD 15 min with 5% Risk Per Setup

Please keep in mind that the profit share account is fully focused on trading the EUR/USD 15 minute chart. The main reason is simple: the results are the most dynamic and profitable.

The standard risk will be again 5% per trade. Simply because it offers the most returns. But keep in mind that the draw-down levels are also larger.

That is why it is a must to trade with capital that you can afford to lose. But we also highly recommend that you trade with capital you feel comfortable with. 

The best tactic is to set the capital aside and do not think about it for 6 or 12 months. Following every trade, living through every draw-down, and being nervous about the outcome of setups is nerve wrecking. It’s best to see this trading account as a long-term project.

Traders who trade with more than 100,000 capital will also have the option to trade with 3% risk per setup. They will be able to divide their capital as they please over both the 3% and 5% options.

How to Join Ultima EA

The profit share module works with KeyToMarkets.com (KTM) as the main broker at the moment. The rental version will not be available anymore, except for traders who live in countries that are not accepted by KTM.

What we like about KTM is: 

  • Regulatory Status (FCA) 
  • A-Book & Execution 
  • Moderate Fees
  • Flexibility (leverage 1:400) & Focus on Money Managers
  • Reputation (4.3/5 on FPA

The broker has been kind enough to reassure us that all of our trades will be cleared (?A-Book) and go directly to the market, so we can concentrate on trading. 

To start the onboarding process with KTM anyway, here is the instruction:

  1. Sign Up with KTM (make sure to use our link)
  2. Verify the Account
    1. Proof of address
    2. Questionnaire
    3. Proof of Identity
  3. Open & Fund a Live EUR Account (doesn’t matter which type you choose, as long as it’s in EUR, once you join the PAMM, proper conditions will apply)
  4. Open Ultima EA PAMM (make sure to use our link
    1. Locate “UEA Elite CurrenSea” PAMM by using the following info*:
      1. Login: 2100182862
      2. password: join123
    2. Open & Fund PAMM using trading Account Credentials (available in “Account overview tab”, also sent to you after Step 3)

The trading activity should start shortly after these steps are completed. 

Important information: 

By joining our investor account you will sign the Limited Power of Attorney digitally at login, no actions required on your side, KTM takes care of this digitally.

You can follow our live results via myfxbook:

Back testing links:

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik & Mislav Nikolic

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