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Dear Traders,

Elite CurrenSea has managed to add a new PAMM called Chris Mix. It offers different systems than the other PAMMs. Also, none of the methods are grid or martingale. 

The composition of the Zeus EA PAMM has been changed: we have removed the grid system and are now trading a mixture of different systems, pairs, and time frames. This mixture is again different from Chris Mix.

If you are looking for a well diversified mix of systems and methods, then ECS offers 4 different PAMMs each with its own focus: Portfolio, Zeus New, Chris Mix and Athena EA (the only grid approach remaining).

In today’s article I will explain the performance of all our methods during May 2022.

Summary of All Systems in May 2022

Here is a summary of all our main systems and methods:



Total running performance 
Portfolio ECS (PAMM) -7.8% -0.1%
Chris Mix (PAMM) +7.6% +7.6%
Zeus NEW (PAMM) +7.9% +7.9%
Athena EA (PAMM) +4.6% +10.9%
Athena EA Rental (min 4k) +8.1% +123.2%
SWAT EA -6.1% +58.7%
Options -3.45% +15.8%
(from 04.2021)


Athena EA

Athena EA had a good month again. With gains of +4.6% for the managed PAMM account and +8.1% for the rental version, Athena EA had one of its best months in 2022. 

The ECS team is pleased with the performance of the Athena EA, although we always recommend diversifying the capital and risk by investing capital in other PAMMs as well. Please see our explanation at the start of this article

Total performance Athena EA May +8.1%
Total performance Athena EA – all time +123.2%


Both accounts can be followed via myfxbook:

  1. Account 1 
  2. PAMM account


The Zeus EA account has been changed since the original grid system faced substantial losses. 

The ECS team decided to remove the previous grid method (this was different than the Athena EA system and add our best tested EAs in a mixed approach, just like we did with the new Chris Mix. 

Keep in mind that the EAs used in Zeus New are different though than the ones we are trading in the Chris Mix PAMM.

Performance Zeus EA +7.9%
Total performance +7.9%

Chris Mix

The newest PAMM is a hand chosen mixture of EAs that Chris Svorcik has been trading in 2022. The best EAs were combined into a new PAMM account called Chris Mix.

Chris is excited about the new PAMM because it offers traders more diversification options. Besides the grid system in Athena EA, traders can trade a wide range of methods via Zeus New, Portfolio, and Chris Mix.

Performance  +7.6%
Total performance +7.6%

Portfolio Method

ECS Portfolio was the only PAMM account which had a loss in May. Luckily, the loss was quite small with just -7.8% as the end result (track the performance live in myfxbook). 

Since the restart of the method, there are no grid systems in any PAMM account except the Athena EA. Also the portfolio PAMM is fully focused on a mixture of Forex & CFD.

Performance ECS Portfolio -7.8%
Total performance -0.1%

Options Trading

Bottom completed? The last April stock exchange day, the market broke below the previous low but only by the smallest of margins. 

This short signal was confirmed by the market downtrend in May which saw a larger decline take place until the third week of the month. The month of May however ended with a bullish rebound, which created a large pick at the bottom of the monthly candle. 

Although the close was near the open of the monthly candle, price action has clearly made a series of lower lows and lower highs. This could confirm the saying ‘sell in may and go away’. 

That said, the technical configuration leaves open the doubt if the minimum of medium period has been made or if June will reserve further surprises in negative. On the political-economic front, the news did not improve compared to the previous weeks, increasing doubts about the possible short-term recovery of the market.

For our strategy May has been a month that did not offer many opportunities for entry and even those few both short and long did not give positive results. Indicative is the fact that three of the four positions closed the day after the opening in stop loss highlighting a market very difficult to interpret.

The average result currently with a position always open stands on a loss of 23%. We will see if the last trade will be able to improve performance or not.

Our Options service from Marco Doni (CNBC Italy contributor) 

Performance  -3.45%
Performance since 04.2021 +15.8%



The SWAT EA has had a slow performance in 2022. May’s -6% loss was about the same as Januarys. The slower performance was not compensated by smaller gains in February and March. Overall though, the system is ahead almost +60% in 1 year and 3 months of trading.

Performance -6.1%
Total performance +58.6%


Thanks and good trading,
Marco Doni
Chris Svorcik
ECS team

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