Trading Results Overview March 2023

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Dear Traders,

In March, despite a drawdown on the Portfolio Algo account (available for free via telegram signals), Portfolio Flagship (latency, and news) Athena EA delivered another 7% of the profit, while Portfolio Flag (Ex- Portfolio ECS) has been dancing around break even in March (except for eToro Pro, where it delivered another 25%). 

Summary February 2023

Retail Accounts

Method Performance
Days Active Comment
Portfolio Flag (ex Portfolio ECS) +25%
180 Most of the growth was captured via private accounts via eToro, other accounts broke even in March.

Portfolio Algo (available only as Signals for now)


175 Third month with a DD for the account. Optimization and changes are being made to the configuration and risk profile of the account.
Athena EA +6.4%
820 Excellently handled the US dollar ambivalence delivering benchmark performance.

Performance in the table is reported based on aggregated results across (sometimes) multiple brokers, this is done to make it easier to understand, and we take a weighted mean average. 

Keep in mind that in some cases, on a monthly scale, the results across different brokers may vary, but not significantly. Feel free to reach out for more info.

Athena EA

Athena EA had a good month again. The trading system secured nearly +9% with VT Markets (an all-time monthly high with this broke), +6.4% with RannForex, and +4.7% with KTM in the month of March. This grid  MT4 EA has been running for nearly three years and has so far generated more than 430% profit

The best overall performance is clearly with RannForex, which is now a 4% of 100% profit mark since starting in July 2022; the broker is expecting an FSA (Seychelles) license and will not offer even more security. You can join Athena EA via RannForex today.

The best monthly performance goes to VT Markets, the broker we have added for retail clients only recently, but the one already shows promise to be the best environment for the approach. 

RannForex +6.4%
Has been granted approval for an FSA license in November💪 Our technology providers & good friends.
KTM +4.7%
Available only to existing members. New members are welcome via VT Markets & RannForex.
VT Markets +8.7%
Join in locking in the profit share fee indefinitely🔥.


Portfolio Method

ECS Portfolio its current configuration for retail has only completed its 6th month of live trading available for retail, but the impressive gains from in 2022 have been complimented by the +20% profit in March divided solely attributable to the eToro Pro account (you can tap into the similar numbers if you are eligible for eToro PRO account), whereas publicly available account with the VT Markets, Exnes, RannForex had a breakeven respite from February’s impressive results.

MT4/5, Ctrader accounts that trade Portfolio Flag, most brokers, unfortunately, don’t yet offer PAMM to allow us to connect retail clients.

Portfolio Flag (ex Portfolio ECS) is a discretionary news-based, latency approach that uses bespoke software and relies on professional fund management services.

eToro Pro (private)



Stellar results are largely due to trading more exotic instruments.
Exness 0%
No trading took place in March. Best for non-EU clients.
VT Markets



Best performance available for retail clients (non eToro pro). 
RannForex -0.8%
Best performance available for retail clients from Canada & US (non eToro pro). 


Algo (ecs.LIVE: Telegram Signals)

Our EA-powered signal group continued the DD with -11.5% in March, bringing the total performance down to under 2% (six months active since launch). 

The account trades, currencies, commodities, and indexes and can also be joined via a managed offer or by tapping into our new MT4/5 EAs.

After three months of drawdown, we are looking into new methods that would capute current market dynamics, while encouraging you to stay patient and make sure you are invested in our Flagship method as well as Athena EA. 

Should you be looking to replicate the results by copying the signals, you can join the channel here.

ECS Live -11.4%
You can copy signals manually, join via a managed account, or purchase the EAs that run the account.  

More on the method  here.

Heads Up for April

Despite slower-than-expected progress with the Portfolio Algo approach, we saw the best month in over a year by Athena EA, mostly caused by the USD decline, with 2% higher monthly profit, on its own, not looking so exceptional until you consider how well Athena EA has handled the change in USD with a little help of switching from 1h to 4h charts for the time-being. 

Furthermore, as we are optimizing the Algo trading, it has never been a better time to join our Flagship approach which, despite a breakeven in March on most brokers,  has already made over 100% this year, thanks to latency trades as well as new-based trading and momentum setups. 

We are looking into options on how to make it easier for you to invest in our trading, as well as follow your investment directly via our website (regardless of the type of investment you choose), and hope to show off a new Account Area in April.

Safe Trading
Mykyta Barabanov & Chris Svorcik
Team of Elite CurrenSea ❤️

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