Trading Results Overview July 2022

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Dear Traders,

the month of July was tough as most systems ended up clearly in the red. Only the options strategies from Marco Doni closed in the green with more than 5% gains. Otherwise, all other systems closed with a loss. 

This article reviews all of our methods and systems one by one.

Summary of All Systems in July 2022

Here is a summary of all our main systems and methods:

System Performance Total running performance 
Athena EA (PAMM) -3.6% +10.3%
Athena EA Rental -4.9% +123.0%
Chris Mix (PAMM) -1.3% -12.8%
Zeus NEW (PAMM) -12.5% +2.1%
Portfolio ECS (PAMM) -11.9% -23.3%
SWAT EA -7.0% +76.5%
Options +5.3% +22.2%

Athena EA

Athena EA is not used to showing negative numbers. In fact, this is the first time that the system did not close with monthly profits. Of course, all systems are vulnerable to having a negative month once in a while, also Athena EA.

From this perspective, a smaller loss occasionally is a normal thing and should not ring any alarm bells. The two accounts closed with about -4% and -5% loss.

Total performance Athena EA  -4.9%
Total performance Athena EA – all time +135.1%


Both accounts can be followed via myfxbook:

  1. Account 1 
  2. PAMM account


The Zeus EA had a tougher time in July than usual. The market behavior was too impulsive for most of the grid systems out there and it had a negative impact on the Zeus EA New results. 

The market should calm down a little in its impulsive behavior. Especially good news is the corrective structure that we can see on most of the key chats like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, US30, and Bitcoin.

Performance Zeus EA +12.5%
Total performance +2.1%

Chris Mix

Unfortunately, Chris’ Mix was not able to show a recovery in July. Although the loss was very small with just -1.3%, the EAs are not living up to our expectations, yet.

We do think that the performance will turn around in the next couple of months. We are also continuously monitoring the EAs and trying to make a portfolio with the strongest performing EAs currently available without overrisking.

We recently changed the mix of Chris’ Mix by removing two weaker EAs and replacing them with two stronger performers. Chris’ Mix keeps a total of five EAs in total. 

The Chris’ Mix systems are focused on 1) breakout strategies on the GBP/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, and DAX30 and 2) mean reversal strategies on the EUR/USD and EUR/SGD.

Performance  -1.3%
Total performance -12.8%


Portfolio Method

ECS Portfolio was not able to show a comeback in July. After disappointing results in May and June, the month of July did not deliver on a long awaited turn around.

The total loss is now just above the -23%, which is a sturdy loss but still within the critical 25 to 30% draw-down zone that we monitor.

Performance ECS Portfolio -11.9%
Total performance -23.3%

Options Trading

Downtrend ended? July saw our SP500 benchmark move upwards from a sideways phase lasting about 4 weeks. 

Since the beginning of July a bullish pattern with increasing lows and highs has formed, which could lead to a lengthy bullish corrective phase. This bullish rebound is a short-term correction within a larger macro downtrend.

As for our strategy, the market, having absorbed a little excess, has created more opportunities for entry than last month. Some of these could not be exploited because of the current earnings season that prevented a market entry.

July has totaled four educational signals, all long, of which two are still in working and currently in profit. The closed trades were DELL, which made a loss, and YELP that instead closed with a large profit over 130% which more than offset DELL loss. Currently the average result of the month is +5.3% profit, we wait for the closure of the other two educational signals to know the final result.

Our Options service from Marco Doni (CNBC Italy contributor) 

Performance  +5.3%
Performance since 04.2021 +22.2%



The SWAT EA had its best month ever in June 2022 with a gain of more than 20%. Unfortunately, July did not see a continuation of that success. 

A loss of about -7% created a small draw-down. But the overall performance remains strong with more than +75%. 

Performance -7.0%
Total performance +76.5%


Thanks and good trading,
Marco Doni
Chris Svorcik
ECS team

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