Trading Results Overview August 22

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Dear Traders,

the trading month of August was a much better month than the month before. Whereas July only had one profitable system (options), the August month saw positive rebounds with Athena EA, the New Zeus, and SWAT EA.

Summary August 2022

Here is a summary of all our main systems and methods:

System Performance Total running performance 
Athena EA (PAMM) +1.4% +12.1%
Athena EA Rental (min 5k) +6.7% +139.4%
Chris Mix (PAMM) -3.3% -16.4%
Zeus NEW (PAMM) +13.3% +15.6%
Portfolio ECS (PAMM) -12.8% -33.1%
SWAT EA +3.8% +87.8%
Options -6.7% +15.5%
(from 04.2021)


Athena EA

Athena EA made a +6.7% gain in August after its first loss ever during July (only for my own account as I paused the trading). A great result but unfortunately, the PAMM is not showing the same punch (+1.4%) due to some small EA errors with the broker. We are working on getting it fixed asap. For those that want a similar result, it remains possible to rent the EA rather than trade via the PAMM account.

Total performance Athena EA  +6.7%
Total performance Athena EA – all time +139.4%


Both accounts can be followed via myfxbook:

  1. Account 1 
  2. PAMM account


The Zeus New EA recovered strongly in August with more then +13% in gains. A wonderful and remarkable month. Now the account is showing decent growth again (+16%) – although more profitable months are certainly needed to confirm this uptrend.

Performance Zeus EA +13.3%
Total performance +15.6%

Chris’ Mix

Chris Mix is not showing the results that we were counting on at the beginning of May 2022. We have decided to reshuffle the mixture of EAs in this PAMM due to lack of performance and over-diversification. Now we rather focus on a couple of our best EAs without spreading ourselves too thin. Hopefully this will bring a reversal for the remainder of the 2022 trading year.

Performance  -3.3%
Total performance -16.4%


Portfolio Method

ECS Portfolio is still struggling and has not reached our -30 to -35% draw-down border. A cross beyond this level would indicate a very heavy draw-down.

Performance ECS Portfolio -12.8%
Total performance -33.1%

Options Trading 

Great uncertainty. SP500, our benchmark index, reversed its course after continuing with the bullish phase that began in July until mid-August. 

The level of around 4300, which was a resistance, stopped the rise and started a marked decline that continued throughout the second half of August. 

The rise was therefore configured as a rebound within a still bearish macro configuration. On the other hand, the international geopolitical and economic situation continues to be critical and worrying and this also affects the performance of the markets.

Our strategy this month offered several signals which however did not meet expectations. We had 8 signals mainly of the Put type (5). Four closed around breakeven and the rest were stopped with an average result for the month of -17%.

Our Options service from Marco Doni (CNBC Italy contributor) 

Performance  -6.7%
Performance since 04.2021 +15.5%



The SWAT EA had a positive month and managed to close with almost +4% in profits. The SWAT EA is now close to the +100% mark after almost 1.5 years of trading. 

Performance +3.8%
Total performance +87.8%


Thanks and good trading,
ECS team

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