Trading Results Overview – August 2021

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Dear Traders,

the month of August closed with a positive result for ECS. So far, Zeus EA has never had a single losing month, although the gains in August were lower than average.

The total of +16% in August pushed the total gains over the 100% in the year 2021.

Summary of All Systems in August 2021

Here is a summary of all the trading systems and their performance in August 2021. The Rush EA and Ultima EA from Mislav Nikolic from Bull Capital closed for break even (0%) and a slight win (+6.3%). The other systems are all explained in this article one by one.

System Performance Draw-down Total running performance 
Zeus EA (PAMM) +1.21% 1.4% +60.32%
ZEA Retail Rental
(€2.5k per account)
+0.68% 0.52% +88.75%
SWAT EA EUR/USD 1H -6.77% 8.06% +2.69%
SWAT EA DAX 1H +15.38% 22.89% +45.0%
ecsLIVE -0.46% 3.85% +51.86%
Ultima EA (Bull Capital) 0% 0% -38.38% (4.2020)
+182% (6.2019)
Rush EA (Bull Capital) +6.31% 20.83% -37.38%
Options +2.75% +14.67% (from 04.2021)
Total Last 6 Months +106.01%
Total August 2021 +16.35% Total April 2021 -49.69%
Total July 2021 -14.74% Total March 2021 +20.5%
Total June 2021 +17.97% Total Feb 2021 +108.6%
Total May 2021 +2.52%


Zeus EA 

The Zeus EA gain was modest in August with just +1.21%… But it also went hand-in-hand with a very low draw-down: only 1.4%.

Both the win rate and the reward-to-risk were a little lower in August when compared to July. That said, the strategy still was close to winning 70% of the setups.

Performance PAMM Zeus EA +1.21%
Total performance +60.32%
Win Rate 68%
Reward-To-Risk 0.65
Draw-Down 1.4%
Net Pips -3.9k


What’s the main take?

Traders who prefer low volatility in their accounts from a month to month perspective might appreciate the consistent results so far. 

There are two main options if you want to join the Zeus EA. 

ecs.LIVE (By cammacd.BlackWidow)

The Black Widow signals on ecs.LIVE from Nenad Kerkez ended slightly in negative territory. The win rate dropped from 70% to 58% due to the slower summer market movements. But the loss was marginal at only -0.34%.

Performance -0.34%
Total performance +51.86%
Win Rate 58%
Reward-To-Risk 0.7
Draw-Down 3.85%
Net Pips -4.6k

What’s the main take?

The ecs.LIVE service made a new all-time high and peak during July 2021. Nenad is expected to be back in action after he completes his 2-week holiday next week.


The SWAT EA is still in a testing phase. The EUR/USD performance has weakened considerably and its profits have dwindled down to break-even. The DAX performance, however, has remain robust and grew to +45%. 

Performance -6.76% +15.38%
Total performance +2.69% +45.0%
Win Rate 30% 37%
Reward-To-Risk 1.33 : 1 2.6 : 1
Draw-Down 8.06% 22.89%
Net Pips +3 +2,503

What’s the main take?

The total on both instruments is now close to 50%. For the testing phase to be completed successfully, we are waiting for 1 full year of track record at the minimum and a total result that passes the +100% mark.

Options Trading 

What explains the inexhaustible strength of the market? The month of August, which statistically starts a multi-month period of possible market weakness, was characterized by a series of new highs. This took place despite the risk of infection increasing and related fear of new closures. 

Even a political event of importance such as the decision by the United States to leave Afghanistan has created virtually no disturbance to the rush of the stock indices. The Fed’s ongoing liquidity injection appears to be preventing sharp market declines. 

Traders can see a confirmation of this trend in the SP500 index: since November 2020 it has had only two daily closes below the 50-period moving average.

Performance  +2.75%
Performance since 04.2021 +14.67%
Win rate 67%
Reward to risk 0.54 : 1
Draw-Down/Loss 2.10%

What’s the main take?
However, during the month of August, the long signals worked badly. This is a potential sign of an overbought market. Nonetheless, the one short signal performed very well, over compensating the other losses. The one remaining open trade, with a signal yet to be closed, shows an average profit of 9%.

Check out our option strategies from options expert Marco Doni !

Thanks and good trading,
Carlos Cordero
Mislav Nikolic
Marco Doni
Nenad Kerkez
Chris Svorcik
ECS team

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