Methods How to Identify Price Swings Like a Pro

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Dear Traders,

Spotting the correct price swing is a key skill for all traders, regardless of their trading system and style. 

It helps them identify the best spot for the Fibonacci tool, the flow of price action, and chart patterns. 

In this recording of the live webinar, Chris Svorcik explains half a dozen methods how traders can identify a price swing. 

Recording of the Live Elliott Wave Webinar

It is critical to use a rule based approach for price swings to make sure that traders use the same approach each time. 

Chris discussed impulsive vs corrective price swings, 21 ema zone, using oscillators like the AO and ecs.MACD, time patterns and Fractals, the HMA 20, the zigzag indicator, SWAT and Heiken Ashi candles.

How to become a wave trader?

Traders can buy the SWAT ebook for 24.95, become a SWAT member by becoming a member or join SWAT for free via a broker sponsorship.

Good trading, 
Chris Svorcik

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