Manual & Auto Trading Performance | Forex, CFD & Options – February 2021

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Dear Traders,

the month of February 2021 offered an excellent total result for Elite CurrenSea. A total of almost +110% was achieved with 10 methods. Only two methods had a small loss of 5% or less whereas as the rest showed sturdy gains.

Let’s review all of the systems from Carlos Cordero, Nenad Kerkez, Mislav Nikolic (Bull Capital), Marco Doni and Chris Svorcik. By the way, please check out the live webinar with Chris Svorcik for an interactive overview of the performance in March 2021.

Summary of All Systems in February 2021

First of all, we will start with a table that shows the performance of all systems. To see more information per system, please scroll lower in this article to see the breakdown and graphs. 

System Performance Feb 2021 Draw-down Feb 2021 Myfxbook
SWAT EA EUR/USD 1H +22.7% 2.5% Verified (demo)
SWAT EA DAX 15M +8.7% 5.5% Verified (demo)
SWAT EA DAX 1H -3.1% 3.9% Verified (demo)
Zeus EA Rental +2.6% 2.5% Verified (live)
Zeus EA PAMM +2.6% 5.5% Verified (live)
ecsLIVE +7.4% 22.7% Verified (live)
LOA EA -5.1% 13.4% Verified (live)
Ultima EA  +24.0% 12.6% Verified (live)
Rush EA +45.4% 17.7% Verified (live)
Options +3.4%  
Total Feb 2021 +108.6%  


A new EA has been completed and tested in 2021 (on EUR/USD 1H, DAX 1H, DAX 15M, and DAX 5M). 

The new strategy is based on SWAT ideas and concepts. It is just one system of potential dozens of other SWAT ideas that will be tested throughout 2021.

So far, the EUR/USD 1h and DAX 15m have started with excellent results. The DAX 1h was around break-even. And the 5M scalping version did not yet start in February but has started in March (3 scalping versions will be added to myfxbook soon).

Performance +22.67% -3.08% +8.69%
Win Rate 83% 14% 41%
Reward-To-Risk 1.6:1 0.82:1 2.6:1
Draw-Down 2.54% 3.91% 5.5%
Net Pips +648 -807 +478

What’s the main take?

The SWAT EA is off to a super start overall. The total of all 3 accounts is +28% with low draw-down. Next month will be able to also add the performance from the SWAT EA scalping system on the DAX 5M.

Zeus EA 

The Zeus EA had another winning month. Although the win was less high than usual. 

That said, the intra-month draw-down was very low and did not even cross the 1% loss at any moment during February 2021.

The Zeus EA has not shown any negative month in both 4.5 years of back-testing and 1.5 years of live trading. 

Performance +2.6%
Win Rate 66%
Reward-To-Risk 0.73:1
Draw-Down 2.54%
Net Pips -11.8k


What’s the main take?

All of our Zeus EA accounts (first and second accounts) are doing very well. Here are the graphs for February 2021 and then total stats below.

Live Webinar Discusses the Performance

Check out the live webinar with Chris Svorcik for an interactive overview of the performance in February 2021.

ecs.LIVE (by cammacd.BlackWidow)

The Black Widow made an impressive gain in Feb 2021. After a very small loss in January, Nenad Kerkez pushed his account higher with a good profit. 

Performance +7.4%
Win Rate 69%
Reward-To-Risk 0.96
Draw-Down 22.72%
Net Pips +8,135

What’s the main take?

The account volatility was a bit higher due to the 22.7% draw-down. But the win rate was high and the account closed in clear profits.

Ultima EA 

The Ultima EA from Mislav Nikolic and Bull Capital is recovering nicely from the draw-down in Q4 2020. February 2021 saw a positive gain of +24%.

The profits were gained with less risk than usual. Instead of the 5% risk per setup, it is now trading with 3% risk per setup to combat the higher draw-down. The risk could go up again if the system shows a winning streak followed by a minor draw-down.

Performance +24% (with 3% risk per setup)
Win Rate 60%
Reward-To-Risk 1.7:1
Draw-Down 12.59%
Net Pips +92


What’s the main take?

A slower start of the month. But a winning streak in the second half of Feb 2021 sent the account higher in a neat uptrend.

Rush EA 

The Rush EA from Mislav Nikolic and Bull Capital had an excellent Feb 2021 as well. A profit factor of +2.31 ensured a handsome profitability of +45%. Impressive.

Performance +45.4%
Win Rate 67%
Reward-To-Risk 1.42:1
Draw-Down 17.7%
Net Pips -+585


What’s the main take?

The Rush EA ended up as the best performing EA during Feb 2021.


The LOA.EA had again a weak start in Feb 2021. But it finally showed some resilience in the second half of Feb 2021. The winning streak meant that the intra-month loss of -13.4% was reduced to -5.1%. And there were some open trades with floating profit.

Performance EUR/AUD -5.1%
Win Rate 37%
Reward-To-Risk 1.51:1
Draw-Down 13.4%
Net Pips -53 pips


What’s the main take?

The LOA.EA has also been struggling but the recent performance might give an indication that the EA is preparing a rebound.

Options Trading 

Has the retracement begun? February saw a new all-time high at 3950.43 for the S&P 500… 

After that, the market showed a decline that could be the beginning of a more marked downward movement. This could unload the strong overbought situation currently in place. 

The options signal service this month provided a long educational signal – only as market strength advised against trend entry. 

We will see if after a real market drain, the performance of the shares will again begin to behave less emotionally.

The educational signal (MLCO) that was pending last month closed with a profit of 16%.

The month of February, as mentioned, saw only long signals and closed with an overall average positive result of 17%.

Performance  +3.35%
Win rate 50%
Reward to risk 0.67:1
Draw-Down/Loss 0.78%


What’s the main take?

Although January ended up slightly negative, the month of December closed with a final profit of 8%, thanks to the positive result recorded with ATUS which more than offset the negative closing of NLOK.

Check out our option strategies from options expert Marco Doni !

Thanks and good trading,
Carlos Cordero
Mislav Nikolic
Marco Doni
Nenad Kerkez
Chris Svorcik
ECS team

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