Find Simple Trading Ideas Using EW, MAs & Patterns

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Dear Traders,

this webinar explains how to focus on trades with the best probability. 

Learn how to filter setups by using moving averages, Fibonacci levels, Fib sequences, Fractals, Elliott Wave, and price patterns.

Recording of the Webinar

Trading the charts in a systematic, simple, and visual way is always the best. 

Chris Svorcik shows how traders can apply a very pragmatic approach via simple tools such as moving averages, Fibonacci, and Fractals. 

In the recording of this live webinar, you will discover easy tricks to find good setups on the 4 hour chart. But we also show how you can then zoom into lower time frames like the 1 hour, 15 min and 5 min chart to find more setups.

See the recording of the live webinar below:

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An Overview How to Start

Elite CurrenSea offers 4 different EAs together with Mislav:

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik

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