Elite CurrenSea Plans for 2021 (!) & Wishing you HNY

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Dear Traders,

we wish you and your loved ones, family, and friends a healthy, fun, and happy 2021 !

Elite CurrenSea is ready to deliver on its promise to help traders world-wide with more actionable analysis, improved strategies and EAs, and first class education and research.

Let’s review what traders can expect from us in 2021. But first, a quick overview of all the achievements in 2020.

Elite CurrenSea Reveals Plans for Year 2021

In the year 2020 we had the energy and commitment to launch multiple initiatives, systems, ebooks and courses. Let’s review 2020 first before diving into the next year.

Here is a list of our projects in 2021:

  • 4x EAs: four new automated trading systems and EAs on the Elite CurrenSea website. 
    • The four include Ultima EA (15 min) and Rush EA (5 min) from Bull Capital.
    • And our own Zeus EA (scalping) and LOA.EA (London breaks) from ECS and the coding help of Carlos Cordero.
    • Ultima EA, Rush EA, and Zeus EA are available via profit share module and as a rental. LOA.EA is available currently via a one-time payment.
  • ecs.LIVE course: we also completed a full scale course for the ecs.LIVE service, which gives traders a fine introduction to ecs.LIVE and trading the financial markets.
  • BW system: a brand new trading system from Nenad Kerkez called the Black Widow (BW) was released in September 2020. 
    • Core focus of the system is on simple and clear entries and exits.
    • In the past 17 weeks, Nenad managed to close 146 winning trades out of a total of 212 (72.3% win ratio) via ecsLIVE signals using BW.
  • SWAT course and systems: the course on understanding charts like a master trader was also completed in 2020 by Chris Svorcik. SWAT stands for simple wave analysis and trading but is more about patterns and chart analysis.
    • Includes 70+ videos with 22+ hours of recordings
    • All new systems, indicators and templates
    • PDFs and 580 page swat ebook
  • SWAT ebook and guides: the 580+ page ebook by Chris Svorcik reveals all there is to know about charts and price patterns. It takes the reader through price action, support and resistance, technicals and patterns.
    • 50% of the ebook is devoted to charts
    • Learn step by step how to read charts for just 24.95 euro
    • Other free and cheaper SWAT guides are available too.
  • Options course and signals: Marco Doni, aither of multiple books on options trading and CNBC contributor, has added his options course to ECS. 
  • More live webinars and education: a long list of educational articles were released from July to December 2020. Plus we started multiple new webinar series.
    • A wide range of topics were analysed and discussed in weekly released articles.
    • New webinars include the wave and pattern webinars, the automated trading webinars, the BW monthly webinar, and many one time special occasion webinars.
    • Join the live webinars here.
  • The ability to ask indirect questions: we created a google Q&A questionnaire that you can fill in with any of your non-urgent questions. We will answer them live in our weekly webinar.
    • Sometimes a question is best answered via a live interaction rather than an old fashioned email. The webinar does just that for non-urgent matters.
    • For urgent items and ordering queries, feel free to reach out via FB and email.
  • Sponsorships and affiliates: we placed more emphasis on our partners by reaching out to the community. We were pleasantly surprised by all of the partners that wanted to cooperate. We ask the same of you.
    • Interested in trading with us but looking for discounts? Check out the sponsorships offered by the brokers on our ECS website. We also had the pleasure of working with several capable brokers that we recommend.
    • Interested in connecting clients to ECS? Check out the partners page and learn how you can earn on these recommendations.
    • Interested in leaving your opinion on us? Please write your feedback not only on Forex Peace Army but also on TrustPilot.
    • Interested in help spreading the word about ECS? Share our link with your friends and other traders.

Elite CurrenSea Reveals Plans for Year 2021

As you can see, it was a busy and productive year. But now, let’s move on what to expect from 2021!

  • SWAT Fractal EA: the automated trading system is already showing substantial progress in its back-testing results. The EA is created by Chris Svorcik and Carlos Cordero.
    • The EUR/USD 1 hour chart has seen significant results with reasonable draw-down over 10 years.
    • We expect to start demo and live trading in Q1 2021.
  • Creating other EAs: we are also working on more automated trading systems, testing, and live forward trading.
    • We expect more EAs to be announced and offered throughout 2021.
  • Ability to create diverse portfolios: we want traders to have the ability to create a portfolio of EAs. There are 2 main reasons: 1) to spread the risk and 2) create a basket of strategies that meets the goals of each trader. Our goal will be to simplify the process for traders so they can construct a portfolio of their choice.
  • Swiss Certificate: our cooperation with a wealth management firm from Switzerland will be announced in 2021. The fund will be trading our EAs and offering the trading systems to their clients via a Swiss certificate. The fund will be open for anyone with more then $20,000 in capital.
  • EA Contest: we will also likely announce a contest for anyone who would want to submit their EA. The final prize could include being chosen by the Swiss Certificate and awarded capital to trade the EA. Of course, you would earn on any gains derived from trading the EA according to the rules of the future contest.
  • More setups in ecsLIVE: Chris has been unable to send SWAT signals to the ecs.LIVE group but he is working hard on restarting again in 2021.
  • ECS Member’s club: we want to offer some special upgrades and offers to our most loyal traders. For a low monthly or quarterly fee, traders will be able to access all kinds of goodies. 

Keep an eye on our blog for all the updates. In the meantime, if you missed our live webinar on what to expect in 2021 from a trading perspective, check out the recording right here:

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021!
Chris Svorcik &
Elite CurrenSea team

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