ecs.SWAT Course 2.0 Available with New Systems & Indicators

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Dear traders,

have you been looking forward to the new ecs.SWAT course 2.0? It’s finally ready after almost a full year of preparation and work.

Read all about the newest ecs.SWAT 2.0 in this article. There are new trading systems, new indicators, and also new supporting material. Soon the new ecs.SWAT book will also be released as well. 

Current members will receive all of the upgrades plus the ecs.SWAT book for free. New ecs.SWAT members that join in April or May 2020 will receive ecs.SWAT 2.0, ecs.SWAT book, 1 or 4 months of ecs.LIVE access, plus secure access to Ultima profit sharing module.

ecs.SWAT 2.0 Explained

The ecs.SWAT method offers traders simple ways to trade price patterns, Fibonacci and moving averages. SWAT stands for wave analysis and trading but it’s more than just waves, it’s about understanding price swings and the path of price. It also shows how to use moving averages for quicker trade decisions.

Now ecs.SWAT course 2.0 is ready for current members. How does it differ from SWAT 1.0?

SWAT 2.0 is better than SWAT 1.0 because of 2 reasons: improved course structure with more video recordings and the addition of multiple systems and indicators. Here are the 2 main differences between ecs.SWAT 1.0 and 2.0: 

  1. Course improvement:
    The structure of the SWAT course 2.0 is more comprehensive and clear.

    • Course 1.0 had 24 core videos with 8 hours of recording followed by lengthy webinars that supplemented the course.
    • Course 2.0 has 70+ videos with 22 hours of recording with a clear sequence: first the basics, then education, then SWAT specifics.
  1. More systems and indicators:
    The ecs.SWAT 2.0 also offers more systems, indicators, and guidance about trading those systems.

    • SWAT 1.0 offered a general road map for trading.
    • SWAT 2.0 is more precise and offers 3 different approaches: discretionary systems, wave systems, and more rules-based systems. 
    • SWAT 1.0 only offered SWAT Basic.
      Whereas SWAT 2.0 offers SWAT Basic, Classic, MACD, and Pro.

ecs.SWAT 2.0 Systems

SWAT 2.0 offers 3 different approaches:

  • Rules-based strategies
      • SWAT Basic
      • SWAT Classic
      • SWAT MACD
      • SWAT Pro
  • Wave strategies
      • Trend 1
      • Trend 2
      • Trend 3
      • Reversal 1
      • Reversal 2
  • Discretionary entry options and analysis

The rules-based approaches require less experience than wave systems, which in turn are less difficult than discretionary methods.

SWAT members will gain access to:

  • 74-course videos.
  • Total recording time of 22+ hours.
  • A full explanation of entries, exits, and trade management.
  • Access to 6 PDFs with a summary of all the videos in writing.
  • Checklist for trade setups.
  • All SWAT indicators and templates for the MT4 platform.

Receive SWAT 2.0 plus ecs.LIVE 3months, a new SWAT ebook, and access to Ultima EA!

ecs.SWAT 2.0 Indicators

SWAT 2.0 keeps using some of the classic indicators that were visible in 1.0 too, such as:

  • Moving averages 
    • 21 ema zone
    • 144 ema close
    • 233 & 610 ema close
  • Fibonacci
  • swat.FRACTALS
  • ecs.WIZZ
  • swat.CANDLES
  • swat.ARROWS
  • HMA 20
  • Awesome oscillator

But there are also some new and exciting indicators that have been added:

  • ecs.MACD
  • swat.PULLBACK
  • swat.CS-DOTS
  • swat.IMPULSE
  • swat.CANDLES-MTF
  • swat.STRENGTH

Keep in mind that not all the indicators are always used. This depends on the system in question. Each system will use a different combination of indicators. Some of the indicators are never used as part of a system but have been added for discretionary analysis.

Receive SWAT 2.0 plus ecs.LIVE 3months, a new SWAT ebook, and access to Ultima EA!

ecs.SWAT 2.0 Course

The SWAT course is divided into 2 main segments:

  • Education
  • SWAT part

The educational section is further divided into 4 parts:

  1. Introduction: 7 videos with almost 2 hours covering:
    • What is SWAT?
    • Why trade?
    • What to trade?
    • Forex drivers
    • MT4 platform
    • Price drivers
    • ECS & Chris Svorcik
  2. Price patterns: 14 videos with 4 hours covering:
    • Path of least resistance
    • Japanese candlesticks
    • Bearish candles
    • Bullish candles
    • Price swings
    • Momentum and correction
    • Swing methods
    • Oscillators
    • Patterns
    • Trend
    • Range and pullback
    • Moving averages
    • Trend channels
    • Trend lines
  3. Technical analysis: 15 videos with 5+ hours covering
    • Support & resistance
    • S&R tools
    • Break vs bounce
    • Patterns and triangle of analysis
    • EW: impulsive waves
    • EW: diagonals and complex corrections
    • EW: corrective waves
    • Divergence patterns
    • Time patterns
    • Fibonacci levels
    • Fibonacci problems
    • Fibonacci for trading
    • A deeper reading of the market structure
    • Making coherent analysis 1
    • Making coherent analysis 2
  4. Trading extras: 6 videos with 2+ hours covering
    • Decision zone and triggers
    • Trigger, entry, and open spaces
    • Confirmation and invalidation
    • Risk management
    • Trading psychology
    • Deeper market thoughts

The SWAT part is further divided into 3 parts:

  1. SWAT indicators: 15 videos with 4+ hours covering 
    • SWAT explained
    • SWAT moving averages
    • 21 ema zone
    • Bounce and breaks at 21 eme zone
    • SWAT methods for momentum
    • SWAT methods for waves
    • swat.CANDLES
    • SWAT indicators 1
    • swat.FRACTALS
    • ecs.WIZZ
    • Wizz for targeting
    • Reading waves via oscillators
    • SWAT indicators 2
    • SWAT indicators 3
    • Bullseye target tool
  2. SWAT systems: 14 videos with 4+ hours covering 
    • Wave system: trend 1 
    • Wave system: trends 2 & 3
    • Wave system: reversal 1 & 2
    • Discretionary entries
    • Rules-based systems: Basic & Classic 
    • Classic: retracement rules
    • Classic: Wizz rules
    • Target, stop loss, trail 
    • Case study 
    • Trade management 
    • SWAT MACD system 
    • SWAT Pro 1
    • SWAT Pro 2
    • SWAT Pro 3
  3. Automated trading: 2 videos with half an hour covering 
    • Ultima EA: live results and backtesting
    • Ultima EA: explaining EA and its advantages

The totals are:

  • 74 videos
  • 22+ hours of recording

Receive SWAT 2.0 plus ecs.LIVE 3months, a new SWAT ebook, and access to Ultima EA!

SWAT Book Coming Soon!

Besides the ecs.SWAT course 2.0, the full SWAT ebook and guide will be available soon as well. This will be free of charge for current and new SWAT members. It can also be purchased separately for a modest price of 19,99 euros.

The book will have 14 chapters and include 600+ pages with tons of images and examples. Here is the expected chapter division:

  • Chapter 1: Trading is Excitement
  • Chapter 2: Our View on Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: Price Action and the Path of Least Resistance
  • Chapter 4: Support & Resistance
  • Chapter 5: Patterns and Triangle of Analysis
  • Chapter 6: Making a Coherent Analysis
  • Chapter 7: SWAT Method and Moving Averages
  • Chapter 8: SWAT Method from A to Z
  • Chapter 9: The CAMMACD Method
  • Chapter 10: Ultima: Automated Trading System
  • Chapter 11: Decision Zones and Triggers
  • Chapter 12: Deeper Market Thoughts
  • Chapter 13: Risk Management
  • Chapter 14: Trading Psychology

How Do You Become a SWAT Member?

As a new ecs.SWAT you can expect a wide range of extras:

  • The SWAT ebook
  • 1-4 months access to ecs.LIVE
  • Access to the Ultima EA via the profit-sharing option.

All you need to do is become a SWAT member in April or May 2020!

Receive SWAT 2.0 plus ecs.LIVE 3months, new SWAT ebook, and access to Ultima EA now!

Good Trading,
Mislav Nikolic, Ultima EA creator
Chris Svorcik, Elite CurrenSea

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