ECS Portfolio Method: Low Draw-Down and +340% Gains in 2 Years

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Dear Trader,

Elite CurrenSea is ready to offer its best method yet: ECS Portfolio. We can finally present to you our most all-round approach – after a lengthy period of testing and live trading and after a long learning curve with trading EAs for more than 3 years.

Till now, we had systems that made good profits but also systems that encountered heavy losses. For instance, Ultima EA from Mislav Nikolic at Bull Capital did well from 2019 till June 2020 but since then has shown poor results. Ultimately, we decided to stop trading it ourselves and focus more on ECS Portfolio.

So what is ECS Portfolio about? It’s a fully managed trading account that aims at 100-300% returns per year. Let’s review the statistics, the ideas behind the method, and how you can start as an investor.

Statistics of the ECS Portfolio Method

First of all, you can follow the live results via myfxbook. The Portfolio method is a combination of different systems that were traded individually before June 2021.

From June 2021 onward, we are also trading this group of systems on one common account, which has been connected and verified via myfxbook. Feel free to check the updated stats anytime.

Total performance in almost 2 years of live trading: +340.4%

Here are the historical performances per quarter (without profit share removed):

Quarter Growth
Q2 2021 +12.8%
Q1 2021 +66.1%
Q4 2020 +38.1%
Q3 2020 +29.5%
Q2 2020 +144.0%
Q1 2020 +32.7%
Q4 2019 +17.2%


Not only were all quarters positive but most monthly results also ended in plus:

  • 20 out of 22 months closed in profit (91%)
  • 2 out of 22 months closed in loss (9%)
  • The worst losing month was just -4.27%
  • Average month result: +15.63%
  • Average quarterly result: +56.73%

If the profits are left on the account, the accumulation factor adds up and the profits have reached +40% on average per month (without profit share calculated).

Of course, the +15.63% monthly average is just an average. Some months will be higher, others will be lower Same is true for the +56.73% quarterly average. Some quarters ended up around +12% to +17% whereas others were above 60%.

Join the ECS Portfolio by completing these 3 simple steps.

Method Behind the ECS Portfolio Method

Firstly, ECS portfolio is a fully managed account by our team of trading experts – in all ways possible, including entries, exits, and risk management. There is no action required from you (after you join).

ECS Portfolio is a mixture of systems, instruments, and techniques:

  • The systems are both automated and semi-automated.
  • The instruments are a range of currency pairs and CFDs.
  • The techniques include technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and news events.

As an investor, you do NOT need:

  • Trading knowledge
  • Trading experience
  • MT4 download
  • To take care of trading
  • To actively manage anything
  • To monitor charts or price
  • To pause or stop an EA

Because of the low draw-down and consistent monthly results, investors can add or withdraw capital from the method at any point in time. Your capital will not be stuck because the method is in a 6 month draw-down for instance. There is full flexibility with your capital, also because your capital is deposited on your own account with the broker.

Join the ECS Portfolio by completing these 3 simple steps.

Learn How to Join the ECS Portfolio

There are 3 simple steps to join the ECS Portfolio. Once you join, there is no other action needed in any way.

There are zero upfront costs to join. There are no fees before you start trading the portfolio.

Once you start trading, the profit share is between 20% and 30% (investors keep 70-80%) and is calculated on a monthly basis.

The profit share is calculated using the high-water mark (HWM) method. This means that investors only share 20-30% with ECS based on new profits (once a new account high has been made (not including deposits). For instance:

  • An investor with $2,000 in deposits and $1,000 in profits ($3,000 capital at the moment) will need to cross the $3,000 before paying a profit share.
  • If the account reaches $4,000, then the trader pays 30% of the $1,000 profit ($4,000-$3,000) and they keep the rest (70% of $1,000).

Join the ECS Portfolio by completing these 3 simple steps.

Good trading,
Elite CurrenSea team

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