Ripple to Support the Financial Inclusion via Its ‘Ripple for Good’ Project

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Californian financial company Ripple is excited about its newly released project dubbed Ripple for Good. This is basically a social program aimed at helping organizations looking to develop the education and support worldwide financial integration mainly to the unbanked.

According to the mission statement published on the Ripple website:

“Ripple for Good supports mission-driven organizations and initiatives with the potential to dramatically accelerate and expand global financial inclusion. Ripple for Good is committed to advancing socially responsible and equitable uses of blockchain, cryptocurrency and related technologies.”

Ripple donated $80 Million

The team behind the famous company plans to reach the Ripple’s goals by integrating new technologies, respectively by stimulating financial services and products to expand to the ‘globally unbanked’. The process involves also the promotion of equity via research in STEM, technology and ‘financial literacy’ in collaboration with the University Blockchain Research Initiative founded back in June 2018 by Ripple. The company has already offered for charity $80 Million in 2018 for this purpose, with $25 Million set aside to be smartly donated.

Chris Larsen, Ripple co-founder and Executive Chairman, elaborated that:

“We have to stop being self-righteous disruptors and instead focus on building things that solve real world problems. If we focus the blockchain movement on that, over two billion underbanked people can become full economic citizens.”

Ripple for Good is part of the company’s vision to rule the ‘Internet of Value’ where assets circulate in a roughly similar way to how virtual knowledge does in the world wide web.

The announcement regarding the launch of Ripple for Good comes a few days before Ripple’s event called Swell Event will take place in San Francisco. One of the main speakers at the event will be the Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. The Deputy General Counsel of the IMF, Ross Leckow, will as well be present at the event.

Author: Adriana Midrigan

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