New Users Can’t Deal with Everipedia’s Blockchain Tech

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Blockchain technology sees a high rate of adoption every passing day, regardless of the industry.
Barriers to integrate, and even more, to understand blockchain tech are still visible and exist in high amount.

Developers are trying hard to make the blockchain-based platforms understandable to users.

A good example is Everipedia– the biggest blockchain-powered online encyclopedia founded in December 2014. The project reached a huge number of positive reactions among communities who didn’t even know what “blockchain” means. Currently, they are facing several barriers regarding the way they can contribute to the environment.

Users don’t understand the mechanism

As reported by online news portals, Everipedia will soon be operating on EOS.IO technology. Bearing in mind this detail, note that even if users are not required to sign up in order to share content or vote on the Everipedia platform, there is a must have an EOS account plus IQ tokens.

Altogether, these criteria led to a wave of confusion among the crypto community. One of Reddit accounts, “willwrite4schlrshps,” shared his/her problem with other to look after an answer:

“I have no idea who or what a “block chain” is. However, I do know what an underrepresented minority in STEM is, and I’d love be invited so I can contribute to Everipedia by writing articles (plus, be eligible for the scholarship)! Thanks.”

Later, the redditor seems to have gotten even worse in the whole scheme: “Okay, so I’ve made it to the new domain, and I’ve got the Scatter extension for Chrome. But Scatter is asking for my “key pair” and I have no idea what that is or how to generate one.”

Answering to the user’s frustrating question, one of the moderators named Romiezzo wrote:

“Unfortunately, registration on is no longer available, as we’ve pushed our efforts towards creating our blockchain platform ( We understand that the process for the latter is a lot more rigorous right now, especially for someone who is not involved in crypto/the EOS community. However, because we are running on EOS, we believe it makes more sense to have people migrate to the IQ Network and start participating in the site’s governance of content and technology.”

To get in touch with the online encyclopedia, new users have to follow strict rules, that involves spending money, sharing personal information and having a look at a new technology.

Author: Adriana Midrigan

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