John McAfee Unveils New Crypto Tracking Website

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One of the most famous and eccentric crypto supporters, John McAfee has revealed his most recent venture, a crypto tracking website named “McAfee Market News.

The “McAfee Market News” lists information for  1,800 different cryptocurrencies, featuring quotes, charts, and news, analysis tools, blogs and live updates for their stats. Like all other posts made by the antivirus guru, the announcement wasn’t received well by some Twitter users.

McAfee announced the news in a Twitter post on his feed, revealing the launch of his new website:

 “I am more than proud to announce the release of . Market quotes for 1,800 coins. Charts updated in real time, analysis tools, chat, blogs, news and everything you could ask for in one package.”

The tech veteran replied to a series of tweets made to his initial post, in which he mentioned that the site is currently in its beta stage, and its final release is set to take place in the month of October, saying that “you will not believe it.”

McAfee made a subsequent tweet which praised the efforts of the team that developed the project, stating that:

“The project was conceived, designed and implemented by @jamesjguthrie (right) and @FluentNinjitsu. Two of the world’s finest.”

As of press time, the site features a basic interface which displays some informational sections about the McAfee Team and its partners, which are other ventures that are supported by McAfee.

As usual, Twitter’s response to this recent crypto venture was yet again divided. Many reacted positively to the site’s launch, while others were unimpressed and commented on how it copied CoinMarketCap’s structure with a different HTML.

We shall have to wait and see what McAfee’s crypto tracking site will perform in the future. Until then, supporters and critics alike can only speculate and wait for its full release in October.

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