IOTA’s Tokens Prove to Have Big Chances to Be Supported by Ledger Nano S

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Recently, IOTA NEWS announced on its Twitter page that MIOTA’s integration within a famous hardware wallet is progressing with fast steps.

On 3rd October, IOTA NEWS shared with its Twitter followers that IOTA is moving with confident steps towards MIOTA’s adoption on one of the most popular hardware wallets within the industry- Ledger Nano S. The publication also outlined an approximate period when software development will be finalized.

“The development of supporting #IOTA Tokens on the #LedgerNano S wallet has progressed very far. Charlie Varley, IOTA Software Engineer: “We will be looking at Ledger Nano integration over the next few weeks. […]””

Following an investigation on the news, one can find an active GitHub page dedicated to the IOTA support on the Ledger hardware wallet. Additionally, there is also a community of IOTA on Discord where any developer is encouraged to contribute to the project.

Recently, software developer Peter Willemsen shared via his report that had already finished the incorporation of two important features of the Ledger.

“We’ve finished 2 major features of the Ledger:

API (after weeks of discussions and passing over designs to one-another).
Signing of transactions (part of the API as well)
I guess you could say all of the major features we need are done!”

He went on indicating that the next round is represented by a beta testing on the hardware itself:

“This is a huge step in the right direction, and the people who most benefit from this are the users: Imagine having 1 wallet for all your IOTA needs. You download Trinity and use it the way you like it. You plug in your Ledger and install the IOTA app. Trinity sees your ledger and asks you if you want to use your Ledger as a wallet instead.

The only thing that needs to be done now before we have a functional Javascript-SDK and API, is getting the bundles to be signed the right way. I still have some difficulties there, but I hope I can fix it in this week.

This is probably the last development report before we head into beta.”


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