Football Kicks into Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

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The world’s most popular sport, Football is integrating well with the trending digital currencies taking over the world, cryptocurrencies. From Ronaldinho planning a blockchain platform for football through Ronaldinho soccer coin and Gibraltar United a Premium Division football team paying players in cryptocurrencies, it’s heading towards the right ‘goal’ literally!

Ronaldinho who created a mark in the world stage for football is trying to modernise the game. He is on his way to creating a coin for soccer called Ronaldinho Soccer Coin which will be used for an overall football experience of digital stadiums, betting through e-sports, a soccer academy and many more.

Ronaldinho tweeted in Portuguese with a video of himself explaining the benefits of the coin back in February.

According to details, it will be secured by NEO technology.

Another interesting story in the football world is Gibraltar United, a Premium Division team announcing that it will pay its players in cryptocurrencies. The team owner, Pablo Dana has invested in Quntocoin, which is a cryptocurrency platform. Thus he has cracked a deal where cryptocurrencies will be used.

The news of Gibraltar’s football team taking a liking to cryptocurrencies does not come as much of a surprise as Gibraltar’s financial sector has embraced blockchain technology with a broader adoption of it.

According to team owner, Pablo Dana cryptocurrencies will also help pay foreign players who have issues setting up local bank accounts

Other than the internal implementations of cryptocurrency to the game of football, cryptocurrency companies are also gaining sponsorships in the jerseys.

CoinDeal, a cryptocurrency exchange has successfully completed a sponsorship deal with English Premier League’s Wolverhampton Wanderers. The deal includes CoinDeal’s logo in the sleeves of the jerseys, first team training kits, LED advertising boards and the team dugout at the home stadium of the Wolves.

According to a Reddit reply to the Wolve’s new sponsorship deal, user hamster3rs pointed out that this was not the first time a cryptocurrency company sponsored in the English Premier League.

Reddit user hamster3rs said,

Weren’t wigan sponsored by Jetcoin last season?


Another Reddit user by the name of twillet replied,

That was for a single game in the FA Cup, so nowhere near as big. It being one game doesn’t make it a ‘deal’ technically

It looks like Cryptocurrencies and Football will gain from each other’s fanbase and help market their respective fields!

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