An Adult Entertainment Site is Set to Reward Visitors with Crypto Tokens

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Tube8, an adult entertainment service and a subsidiary of Pornhub, the most visited pornographic site, has announced its partnership with the Vice Industry Token (VIT), aimed to reward visitors for their loyalty.

Tube8 has teamed up with the Vice Industry Token (VIT) to give visitors the chance to be rewarded for their interest. As reported by Hard Fork, via the collaboration is desired to tokenize the Tube8’s platform. Following the announcement, porn service will introduce VIT tokens within the website and reward viewers for watching adult videos and other related interactions. Tube8 representative Robin Turner told Hard Fork that “getting paid to watch porn was always a pipe dream,” according to the report.

“Now however, with the introduction of VIT, we are marking a paradigm shift in how people consume adult entertainment … Whereas before users would log in, watch a few videos and leave, VIT incentivizes them to create an account and interact with the content to generate Vice Tokens,” he added.

Prior to release, VIT CEO Stuart Duncan claimed the platform will switch from the Ethereum blockchain to a version of Steem blockchain dubbed ‘graphene’.

“VIT uses [delegated proof-of-stake] and is fully decentralized. [It] is the only true working fork of steem in existence,” Turner added.

No extra fees!

Tube8 has not yet revealed how visitors’ reward will be calculated. Instead, the platform assured them that they will not have to pay extra fees in order to use the tokens. “There are no fees but [Tube8 and Vice Industry Token] will hopefully benefit mutually by expanding their user bases and increasing engagement with their respective products through this collaboration,” Turner commented for Hard Fork.

Following the announcement, we can admit that Tube8 joins its competitors Playboy TV and Stormy Daniels which announced earlier this year that they are set to integrate token-based rewards.

At the time of writing, Vice Industry Token has a market cap of $1,933,850 and is traded at $0.008381.

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