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Automated Trading
Up to 650% yearly account growth based on over two years of live track record.
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Affordable fees paid either in advance or when your turn profit.
Manual Trading
Live setups and proprietary methods by an award winning team.
Managed Accounts (PAMM)
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Forex & CFD Focused
Stay on top of 25+ currency pairs, indices & commodities.
Mentoring & Support
Engage and receive full support from our mentors & the community.

Manual 💪

SWAT 2.0
Simple Wave Analysis & Research with 1 month of complimentary setups & research.

Automated 🦾

Broker account

Milton Prime
Trading Platform:
Max Leverage:
Forex, Crypto CFD, Indices CFD, Stock CFD
Min Deposit:
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Ensure your have a funded account with a broker (sponosred or "unchained").
Provide credentials with MT4 EA.
To run things smoothly we run all our EAs via our own VPS service.
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Or go for “Portfolio ECS” Invested Account

A mixture of market structure research paired with technical and fundamental analysis, allows us (with a help of bespoke software) to combine manual and automated trading in a trully unified Multi-Asset, Multi-Approach Money Management Service. 

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Strategy Provider
Head of Trading
5-20 %

Monthly Returns

Average, based on past performance.

45 %

Quarterly Returns

May diviate between 15%-140%.

250 %

Yearly Returns

Based on past performance.

- 5 %


Only 2 loosing months out of 22.

Up to 50% Reduced Profit Share

Net DepositProfit SharingProfit Sharing (BF🔥)
> $80030%25%
> $5,00025%20%
> $15,00020%10%🔥

See a detailed instruction on the steps to start in no time! Please keep in mind that if you are an existing investor, the discounted profit share will apply only to the equity invested on top of the prior to Black Friday 21 offer (withdrawing and depositing back will not make you eligible for the promo).

Profit Share 20%
Saves you 24% Profit a Year.
Profit Share 10%
Saves you 48% Profit a Year.

Why Trusted Broker?
Running Expert Advisors at this level of operations incurs R&D, Customer Support, Marketing costs, which we partly cover with spread-based rebates provided by a broker. This agreement does not impact the performance of the Managed Account.


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