Mislav Nikolic

Mislav Nikolic

Mislav Nikolic (Zagreb, Croatia) started trading from a sound entrepreneurial desire – invest the returns from a s successful business (Video Games Store) into something that doesn’t require manual labor.

At that time he stumbled upon the teachings of the fellow balkan – Nenad Kerkez, who was making a name for himself via a hands on approach to Moving Averages and Camarilla trading.

After a few years of trading, in spring of 2017, Mislav joined the Elite CurrenSea, where he cemented his knowledge by taking a keen interest in SWAT methods.

Later on, the knowledge he accumulated, started penning out in a unique approach to an automated trading – Ultima EA system.

After a year of fine-tuning, backtesting and returning to a drawing board, Ultima EA eventually started to make a name for itself as one of the best trading systems in the Forex market.

Currently, Mislav is a partner with Elite CurrenSea responsible for creating trading strategies and automated trading solutions. Among his other achievement, are the improvement to a Wizz tool and a creation of “BullsEye Target” fibonacci tool.

UEA Year Plus
Premium Support, Dedicated VPS, Management & Maintenance.
UEA Year
Trading the EA ffor one account with 24/5 Email Support.
UEA 6 Months
Trading the EA with one account with 24/5 Email Support.

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Mislav Nikolic
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