Strong Trends in Forex Market Offer Awesome Setups

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Once in a while the Forex market really starts to push and trend a lot AND quickly. During these times price just keeps pushing with more and more impulse…

This is when Forex is a ton of fun! And profitable too, by the way. The market movements just open so many doors and windows.


Or in other words: it is this environment that offers many interesting setups… You name it, bounces, breaks, pullbacks, lots of speed – that is when the Forex market thrives.

The last 2 weeks of trading has offered that to us. It offered good potential to traders and interesting setups.

We traders saw for instance EUR weaken, USD strengthen, CAD weaken, both NZD and AUD strengthen en then weaken…

The trades that I called live last week in the webinar are mentioned here below. NZDUSD buys and EURUSD shorts were definitely great trades with lots of pips! But all 5 trades in fact offered good potential to close for a winning trade.


I am expecting the market trends to continue still for a while, so keep a close eye on price. March could certainly turn out to be a very trendy month!

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Many Green Pips, T


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