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Limited offer for first 20 traders – register now!

We are Nenad “Tarantula FX” Kerkez and Chris Svorcik – professional Forex traders (with proven statements and results).

Besides trading for a living, we also mentor Forex traders and teach our own trading systems.

For this special occasion, we teach Forex for FREE for the first 20 traders that register.

You must wonder why? NOBODY teaches for free?!?!

Simple: our goal is to achieve “Freedom through Trading” for ourselves and for you…

… and we know how many years of struggle it takes traders before they earn profits.

The best way we can help you reach this goal is to offer our expertise for free
so traders can use their capital for trading (not for buying courses).

This offer is called “Special Privilege Package”. Interested?

Sign-up & receive the Privilege Package for free:

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The Package is a special offer in cooperation with Admiral Markets.

You therefore only need to open a new, live account with this great broker..

To get the full benefits of the package… but its only for the first 20 traders!

Here are some of the benefits the Special Privilege Package…

There is much more available but this is a quick summary:


Money on account is the amount you add to the new account with Admiral Markets broker.

Want more info?

We understand… At times, trading can be frustrating…

Let’s face the truth:

It’s not easy to find a good and reliable trading strategy.

Sometimes it takes months, even years, to perfect a system and start making profit.

To speed up the learning curve, Nenad and Chris decided to go the extra mile.

Usually speaking it takes years before a trader is able to gain enough knowledge to trade effortlessly.

Look at this image:


Nenad and Chris wanted to offer traders a short-cut…

A chance to reach the ideal spot within a few months

Rather than wait and work for 6+ years!

The short-cut is our Special Privilege Package. And it’s worth more 6000 euros…

6000 euros of mentoring and courses for free… yes FREE!

More than 400 traders are using services offered by Elite CurrenSea.

And its temporarily open for the next 20 traders…


  1. ONE-ON-ONE revision of your trading strategy and style.
  2. DEVELOP personalized strategies that will suit you the best.
  3. ONE-ON-ONE lessons on a system that generated 100%+ return over 2 years with max risk of 2% per trade.

AND THATS NOT ALL! Besides mentoring you will also get:

  1. DAILY ANALYSIS WITH TRADING OUTLOOK ON – Forex markets, commodities, stock and indices.
  2. COURSES ON – trends, moving averages, Fibonacci, support and resistance, and much more.
  3. SCRIPTS FOR MT4 – like our Fibonacci target tool and a money management script, plus much more.


That sounds geat… that sounds like an insane FX giveaway right?

But you probably have other questions on your mind, too.

You might be asking: who are we?

Well, thanks for asking!

Now you have a great possibility to be mentored by…

Nenad Kerkez aka Tarantula FX and Chris Svorcik.

NENAD W 2chris2

Here is a quick introduction:

  1. Professional traders
  2. Voted one of the most influential in FX
    (ForexFactory: 6th most influential in FX)
  3. Webinar hosts on Fxstreet  
  4. Mentored more than 400 traders.


What makes us special?

We live and breath the markets each and every day.

We trade the markets profitable.

Our solution for you, the trader, is this:

Our FREE Mentoring Program – limited offer to first 20 participants



Here are what traders are saying about us and about our package:

“I have been trading for more than two years without any profit, but have always thought that I am so close to becoming profitable. After losing my first account I met Nenad at a trade show in Munich. After our talk he gave me some advice and I took his mentoring course. After a week he pointed out a couple of small things that I was doing wrong. At first I thought that those things couldn’t be the reason for my failure to become profitable, but boy was I wrong.

Nenad thanks a lot for helping me reach my goal!” Z. Radola

Ready to become a trader?

Plus save your capital for trading?

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Elite CurrenSea knows what traders want… so we made a special deal with one of the biggest FX and CFD brokers in the world – Admiral MarketsPlease note that this offer is only valid for new Admiral Markets clients that have used our referral link for registration. If you are interested in bonuses on deposits, you will have to talk to your local Admiral Markets Manager that is/will be assigned to you.


Not all MetaTrader 4 platforms are equal! MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition is unique of its kind:




One of the systems that we teach in the mentoring program made 120% profit. It’s called TREND HUNTING STRATEGY and it was created by a great trader and our friend Josip (see image above).

Our colleague Josip has its strategy that made him 120% of profit in little over a year by risking only 2 % per trade. His maximum drawdown was only 8%. Follow his trading strategy over Live Trading Webinars.

If you want to find out more about this great opportunity that Elite CurrenSea offers you, please send us an email to with a subject – I WANT SPP. And if you want to find out more about Admiral Markets offer  go to or contact them at

Sign up now for the best package (for free):

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Remember our core mission.

We want you to succeed…

So rather than spending money on our courses…

… it is more important that you have capital for trading.

The Special Privilege Pack is valued at more than 6.000 euros.

Why wait?

fx workout fbFRESH approach to Forex Trading

By registering over Elite CurrenSea you will get it FOR FREE!

This mentoring program offer is completely free for the first 20 people.

Don’t miss this unique promotion and register before others take your place.

Ready to become a trader?

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