Chris Svorcik Shares his Forex Experience with Tarantula

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Hi traders this Nenad Kerkez, Tarantula FX, presenting a special Q&A with Chris Svorcik, Orca FX. Chris joined the EliteCurrensea (ECS) team recently (see update) and I am sure that he will be able to improve your Forex trading and take it to next level.

Nenad: „welcome to the ECS team. Please tell us more about yourself.”

Chris: „thank you. I am really excited about sharing my expertise with the ECS followers. I have nearly 10 years of trading experience in the Forex market. But I have been a vivid follower of the markets since my teens (now 20 years ago) because my Dad was a sales manager who was heavily dependent on foreign exchange movements.

I have also been providing education and wave analysis with Admiral Markets for the last 2 years. I have live trading room labs and host a webinar of course together with you. Admiral Markets offers a great service and I highly recommend them to everyone. Most of all, I am looking forward to help traders reach consistent profitable trading.”

Nenad: „what do you consider your expertise?”

Chris: „my niche is in Forex trading and my strength is using my ENTRY model, understanding the market structure, applying time factor for decisions, employing wave analysis, drawing trend lines, understanding triggers and decisions spots on the charts.”

Nenad: „in which way can you help traders the most?”

Chris: „matching their psychology with strategy. I help traders create a trading plan that is in sync with their market vision. Most traders fail because they lack the feeling for a strategy or system. It is of utmost importance that traders have a clear plan that is supported by their trading psychology. I therefore am able to build up a coherent approach from the ground up for the traders I work with.

Traders who work with me also appreciate how they improve their risk management awareness/implementation and long-term consistency. These traders realize that trading cannot be won quickly. Preservation of the trading capital is the most important at all times, otherwise a blow-up and a quick exit out of the business is likely.

Last but not least, I help traders with building up their CONFIDENCE. Obviously I help them become better traders and chartists but most importantly, I empower their trading psychology and help them reach a well balanced trading psychology that is ready to tackle the market with sharpness, focus and street smarts.

Nenad: „what do you think is blocking the success of most traders?”

Chris: „traders lose their sanity in the short-term due to lack of confidence, and their trading capital in the long-term due to inconsistency and the risk of a blow-up.

Traders must tackle their internal insecurities strongly via a rigid system, building experience and getting advice from more experienced traders.

Most traders are too concerned about 1 setup, about 1 target getting missed, about 1 entry being filled or not… many traders are either over confident or lack the confidence to act.

The market is too wild to tackle it without a robust plan. Many traders exit out of trading because they lose very big on 1 or 2 trades. To remain in the game, traders must have a long-term focus on risk.”

Nenad: „how will traders see you on the ECS website?”

Chris: „they can see my daily FX updates and I will be adding analysis, charts, videos and content to the course. That way both viewers and current subscribers will benefit.”

Nenad: „ok sounds great! Is there anything else you would like to add before we close the Q&A?”

Chris: „yes, I have a mission to help traders with their success! I That is why I want to ask our followers:
what problems and challenges do YOU face in trading?

Everyone who sends us a message that has a detailed description of their challenges will receive
our eBook on trading psychology for FREE.

Write us an email with the answer and WIN guarenteed! ”

Twitter: @elitcurrensea