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Gerhard from UK

Looking for more pips
“Just want to give you a little feedback after the first webinar and training session. Did 2 entries on 15min – worked fine, today first entry on 1H (GBPUSD) – worked also perfect. Looking forward for more pips 😉 THX for doing this great job.”


Most values in S&R, Fibs & Psychology
“I’m finished with the materials now. It’s very interesting and I’ve found most value in the S&R, Fibonacci, Psychology and the strategy of course. What really caught my eye was the Murrey Math levels. They have been working well from what I see in weekly recaps or on Spider’s den thread. I also found interesting your view on the Fibonacci levels in the webinars, I’ve learned something new, thank you. I hope that sometimes in future I’ll be able to trade in this way too as it looks very clear, simple and advanced at the same time.”

 Andy from UK 

Making with Nenad’s tips!
“Thanks for all your help, my trading is improving every day. Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to pats live trading session.”

Martin from UK

Excellent trading sessions 
“Mr. Chris Svorcik & Mr. Nenad Kerkez, Todays webinar was one of the most intense, insightful and informative webinars I have ever seen. You guys out-done yourselves today! I look forward to reviewing the presentation a few times to try to absorb your excellent insight. Thank you both, for all you do.”


ecs.SWAT lets me finally be in control
“I need you to know that the course is very strong and have a lot of information which I did not know before although I’v been working in forex since 4 years but this  is the first time to fell that I am acting like professional and I can depend on forex.”

Justas from Lithuania

Simple & Accurate
“I’ve been participating in Your last few Price Action Trading School webinars, also watched all previous webinars uploaded on YouTube and I really admire how simply and accurately you explain difficult things.”


Simply the best
“Chris and Nenad, you are the best of the best Forex traders. I love your webinars! You are feeding me with so many information. 🙂”

 Mislave from Serbia

250 pips a week
“Hi Chris Yes, Im really happy and grateful. Today 3 more great trades. Total this week: 250 pips (and didnt trade at all 2 days)”

 Ernest from USA

Suggest to all US traders
“Thank you so much Nenad, you’re the man, I wish everyone was like you. Amazing live trading sessions – suggest to all US traders.”
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